Published On: Thu, Aug 16th, 2018

Florida Election 2018: Two moms Joy Gibson, Kathy Lewis battle to face Tom Lee

Ahead of the Florida primary on August 28, the race for State Senator District 20 has voters scrambling to learn about the candidates. While Tom Lee faces John “Manners” Houman, Lee is a lock to move forward and face a Democrat rival.

Joy Gibson and Kathy Lewis, both from Wesley Chapel area, are vying for that opportunity.

Both Gibson and Lewis are moms. Both have migrated from the north in recent years: Gibson from Michigan; Lewis from Baltimore. Both sound sympathetic to the concerns of Democrat voters in Florida.

“For me it’s about magnifying voices of everyday people, giving people representation that supports them moving up in society,” Gibson told the Tampa Bay Times. “What is happening in our communities is a loss of economic security for families…Corporations are doing fine, but if people don’t have disposable income, small businesses will fail.”

Lewis is driven by her struggles to care for autistic daughter and the state bureaucracy, listing “her top three priorities would be improving the health care system, increasing funding for public schools and raising the minimum wage” in that same coverage.

“I know firsthand how a quality education can help lift people out of poverty. I grew up incredibly poor,” Lewis told the Times.

Kathy Lewis

Lewis touts the endorsement from the Times as she “…seems to have a better grasp of the Legislature’s role in improving the every day lives of Floridians. Her potential to help move an agenda makes her the best choice in this race. In the Democratic primary for Florida Senate District 20, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Kathy Lewis.”

That said, don’t count out Gibson, who touts a nice website and presentation “on the issues” — see below.

Joy Gibson

Both ladies appear to present and support the progressive platform for the 2019 midterm. There is no clear “loser” for voters supporting those ideals and motivations. Both are making similar promises and vows – check that out below.

Kathy’s Priorities

– Eliminating fraud and waste in our healthcare system

– Creating a living wage of at least $15/hour for all workers, including restaurant workers

– Fully funding our public schools to ensure all children have access to a quality education

– Protecting our environment by conserving our land and punishing polluters who threaten our water

– Closing the gun show loophole on background checks and banning the sale of assault-style weapons

You can hear more about Kathy’s priorities by listening to this podcast.

We will be reaching to both candidates for further clarification and followup statements.


“As a mom, business woman and wife of a husband with a chronic illness, I can relate to the struggles families face with childcare, job security and healthcare costs while trying to build a future for your family.”

-Joy Gibson

Joy Wants Secure Schools Now

Our kids deserve security now and can’t afford to wait for broken promises of the future.

  • I am committed to safe, gun-free learning environments for our students.
  • I am committed to arming students with mental health and social services.
  • I am committed to arming teachers with economic resources for their families.
  • I am committed to arming teachers with resources for their classrooms.
  • I am committed to reducing student debt.


Joy Believes Secure Jobs = Secure Families

  • Quality childcare is essential for parents to secure a job and to also give children a strong start in life. I will demand that quality and affordable childcare is more accessible to working families.
  • I am committed to attracting employers to our state that will invest in the future of their employees.
  • I am committed to creating viable job opportunities for individuals with trade skills.
  • I am committed to creating policies that support stable income and stable hours for working families.
  • I am committed to working with employers and state programs to provide more resources and benefits to families who foster and adopt.

Joy Believes We Deserve A Secure Retirement

We work long and hard building the wealth of companies and deserve to retire with dignity and financial stability.

  • I am committed to working with employers and state agencies to find a solution for strengthening retirement plans for their employees.
  • I am committed to funding resources for seniors so they are not forced to return to work.


Joy Believes We Deserve Quality Healthcare that is Affordable

We have allowed healthcare services for our most vulnerable to be ignored, underfunded and nonexistent for too long!

  • I am committed to quality coverage for all children and families.
  • I am committed to finding solutions for our mental healthcare crisis.
  • I am committed to creating more healthcare resources for families with a special needs or disabled child.
  • I am committed to working with partners to reduce healthcare premiums and lower costs for medically necessary prescriptions and products such as EpiPens, Insulin and more.

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