Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2016

Florida Congressional District 15 race: Dennis Ross vs Jim Lange on issues

Democrat Jim Lange is running against Dennis Ross in Florida’s 15th Congressional District and sadly the race offers typical party politics with few or noteworthy exceptions.

FreedomWorks score Ross at 77%, objecting to many votes which will cost tax payers money or deviate from their perspective on the U.S. Constitution.

For example, won negative evaluation was Ross’s vote against House Bill 1194, brought forth by Mark Sanford (South Carolina) as part of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act 2017, allowing the hidden NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) earmark which benefited New Balance. FreedomWorks notes that “The amendment would undo the New Balance provision, and halt an egregious example of crony capitalism that will cost taxpayers over $300 million and keeps this provision from coming into effect by not backing it.”

Ross voted against it.

The Heritage Foundation’s Bryan Riley explains, the new “mandate would give New Balance a substantial financial windfall, since new recruits could no longer use their allowances to buy” from Brooks or Asics, which are currently available to Army and Air Force recruits along with New Balance.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

VERDICT: Big negative against Ross. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a lobbyist play here with New Balance, but I couldn’t connect the dots with a quick search. Cronyism is exactly the problem many Americans have with the GOP and that angst has resulted in the Trump movement.

Jim Lange made a big splash in June criticizing the Ross response to Omar Mateen’s shooting in Orlando.

From his Facebook page, Lange blasted Ross for failing to mention the LGBT community in the statement he released immediately after the massacre took place.

“The LGBT community has long considered you an adversary,” Lange’s missive begins. “You have campaigned and legislated against their interests. Yet, in their darkest hour, you decide to issue a 75-word, tone deaf news release within which you fail to even mention the targeted and massacred community by name. Have you no shame?”

Ross’ statement, issued June 12:

Omar Mateen was tracked by the FBI, told by Disney he was "casing" the property and aligns with Islamic State

Omar Mateen was tracked by the FBI, told by Disney he was “casing” the property and aligns with Islamic State

“Cindy and I are heartbroken by the senseless loss of life that occurred in Orlando. Our community is reeling from this tragedy. I am deeply grateful to our law enforcement officials as they investigate and begin to find answers to this evil act. I ask all Americans to join me in prayer for the victims and their families. Floridians are strong, and we will heal and become stronger. God be with us during this extremely difficult period.”

Lange went further in his post, writing, “You have no moral standing to discuss the pain and anguish caused by the massacre in Orlando. You have consistently demonized this community with your “family values” brand of intolerance. They feel you have some culpability in this hate crime. It’s impossible not to agree. America is hurting now and will be for some time. If you have any shred of decency you will invoke your right to remain silent, as anything you say can and WILL be held against you from this point forward, so help me God.”

VERDICT: No shame? Really Lange?

While Ross could and may have been better served to mention the LGBT community, it shows the bias and prejudice of the Democrats. Mateen’s attack on The Pulse has been confirmed to be an Islamic State terrorist move in response to drone strikes overseas and NOT an assault on the gay community.

From Lange’s site on issues: “I support the LGBT community without reservation and will actively oppose all acts of intolerance and politicians who campaign and legislate against their interests.  In a time where politicians have put fear before maintaining liberty, I hope to be a voice for tolerance and inclusion.”

Lange will go along with transgender bathroom legislation, attacks on freedom of conscience and join the LGBT activists with other Democrats

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