Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Floor Lamp Options for Modern Homes

Modern homes have some of the most beautiful architecture of any homes. They are unique homes with unique taste. What’s inside of the homes should be just as unique and beautiful. One of the most important parts of interior design is lighting. You can have the most beautiful furniture possible, but if the lighting isn’t right the whole room can seem off. One way to ensure that your lighting is top notch is to include floor lamps. But you don’t want just any floor lamp in your beautiful modern home. Here are some of the best floor lamp options for a modern home.

Tripod Floor Lamp

The tripod floor lamp look is a great option if you have space in your home and want a unique look. It’s a simple design, yet still different from something that you would see in just any old home. You could go with a wood-based lamp or something that has a metal finish. Whatever you decide, the tripod floor lamp will give you the lighting you’re looking for while also staying modern.

Arc Floor Lamp

If you want a truly modern home, the arc floor lamp is a great way to make that happen. This type of lamp is so modern, you wouldn’t even need anything else fancy to give your home the perfect contemporary look. It has a very unique look to it, and there are so many variations of this type of lamp. An arc floor lamp is a showstopper, while still being simple. That’s exactly what modern is. Definitely go for this type of lamp if you are in desperate need of a modern touch.

Double Drum Shade Floor Lamp

A double drum shade might sound confusing, but it’s basically like having a lamp shade around another lamp shade. It’s simple, but it’s still different and exciting. The best part about having a lamp like this is that you can have whatever you base you want with it. You could do a tripod base or just keep it simple. Keep it earthy with a wood grain or make it stand out with a crystal base. Either way you will be impressed with this modern beauty.

Glass Floor Lamp with Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are the epitome of modern. They’re everyone’s favorite, so classic and yet so beautiful. Having a floor lamp that has a glass shade is exactly what you want to look for if you want to show off some Edison bulbs. There are so many different styles of lamp that you can do this with, so you have endless options. And you can have a different type of glass, too. Whether you go with seeded glass or play around with some colored glass, all your modern dreams will come true using Edison bulbs.

Droplet Floor Lamp

A droplet floor lamp is a great way to incorporate a unique piece into your home, without breaking the bank. It’s a slender lamp, but it has such a bold look to it. Most of the time, the shade of the lamp is fairly tall. This allows the room to get ample amounts of light, so this is definitely a lamp you want to go for if you have a large room to illuminate. These types of lamps almost look like a sculpture, so they’re perfect if you want to give off a super modern look.

Floor Lamp with Tray Table

Not only does a floor lamp with a tray table look super modern, it’s also extremely practical. It’s like having a lamp and a side table in one. There are even some lamps out there that have outlets or USB ports, so you can charge your phone with your lamp. How cool is that? You definitely won’t regret adding this modern lamp to your home.

Floor Lamps with Crystals

Crystals instantly elevate the look of anything, and it’s especially true with floor lamps. Whether you go for a simple and traditional floor lamp or if you want something with a huge wow factor, crystals will give you the modern touch you need. They’re timeless and as classy as it gets, something that will go very well with any modern home. When you see how modern crystal floor lamps look, you will be dying to have one.

Designing a modern home can be tricky and challenging. You want to have the perfect touch of modern, without going overboard or having anything clash. Floor lamps are something every home needs no matter the style. Luckily, with floor lamps there are tons of modern options for you to explore. You can keep it simple with a modern twist or go with a flashy and bold modern lamp. Whatever your type of modern style is, there is a modern floor lamp out there just waiting to be put in your home.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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