Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2017

Flat Tire? Who to Call and What to Do

Many people love going on a road trip every now and again. Once you get your friends or family in the car and everyone is packed in and ready to go, it’s time to set out on your adventure. Backseat chatter of destination activities and the munching of snacks can be heard. But just when you start getting comfortable driving along, you hear a big thud… then bump, bump, bump. You blew a tire.

At this point, for many people panic will set in. You pull off the road and out of the way of traffic and breathe a sigh of relief that everyone is safe, but do you know what to do next?

When To Change Your Own Flat Tire

Your feeling of safety may not last long as everyone starts to determine the next best move. Do we do it ourselves or call for help? While you may be lucky enough to have a passenger who knows how to change a flat tire, you don’t want to always rely on others to get you out of trouble. Learning to change your own flat tire may prove to be a very valuable skill. Ask a friend or family member to teach you. Or watch some videos online. Or take a free class in your community.

Often times it is easiest to just change your own flat than to wait on a tow truck. But what happens when you don’t feel safe in your current location. Whether it’s the inclimate weather that’s a challenge or it’s the hustle and bustle of high-speed traffic flying past you, knowing when to do-it- yourself and when to call in the pros can be a matter of life or death.

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Where Do You Find a Repairman at 1 AM?

So you decided to hit the road in the middle of the night to avoid traffic and to take advantage of sleeping passengers and that’s when you have a tire blow out. Great! Who can you call for help when you’re too far out for a family member to drive and help? You could call a local mechanic’s shop. That’s simple enough, but the likelihood someone is going to be there at 1 in the morning is very slim. That’s when panic starts to set in. By doing your research before you hit the road and experience a roadside emergency, you will be able to remain calm because you’ll already know who to call no matter what time of day or night it is.

This Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere, to Anybody

Anyone can get a flat tire in the middle of the night while on a long road trip. However, if you have a roadside assistance plan then the outcome may be safer and more pleasant. And, you can easily get this plan from your local insurance company, motor club, or other sources. Knowing you have access to towing companies, like Allways Towing 24/7 for tire change services and much more, can make your road trip a little more enjoyable.

The following is a quick overview of the most common types of services offered by an emergency roadside assistance plan:

Changing a Flat Tire

Got a flat? If you have a roadside assistance plan, all you have to do when you get a flat is call a 24/7 toll-free number. The customer service representative can send someone out to do the tire change on the scene.

Emergency Towing Services

If the person sent to the scene cannot fix the flat, or if you have some other type of mechanical problem, you may need to have your vehicle towed to a garage. This is often covered by the plan.

Lost Keys and a Drained Battery

If you left your lights on, your battery may be drained. Now your car won’t start. The emergency roadside service provider will come and take care of this problem also. If you lock your keys in the car or lose them, the company can send a locksmith who can help you get into the vehicle or have a new set of keys made.

Ran Out Of Gas

If you ran out of gas, the emergency roadside assistance company can send someone with gas to help you get back on the road.

Many roadside assistance companies offer many services without payment at the time of service. This means that if a repair person is sent out by the emergency roadside assistance company to change a flat tire or to help with some other type of covered repair service, the customer does not have to pay for the service at that time. After the repair is complete, the customer signs a form and they can get back on the road. So, if a person does not want to pay out-of- pocket fees for their roadside assistance, they need to make sure they choose a company that doesn’t charge their customer’s deductibles or fees at the time of service.

Author: Lauren Selah

photo/ ClkerFreeVectorImages via Pixabay

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    I use this Company for all of my emergency roadside asst.+ much much more that they do. check out the website. USA and CANADA only.

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