Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Five Ways To Be More Green Every Day

These days it is important to do what you can to be green and do stuff for the environment. Being green not only helps the environment but it also helps you and future generations. It’s also really not that difficult to do more environmentally friendly things on a regular basis. Here are a few ways to get started.

Invest In Reusable Tote Bags

How many bags do you bring home from the stores each week? If you’re stocking up on plastic bags and you don’t know what to do with them, maybe it’s time to start using a different bagging system. Don’t throw away those plastic bags, you can use them for crafting projects.

Start taking your own bags to the grocery store with you. You can get tote bags at great prices online, or buy a bag or two from each of your favorite stores. These bags are also sturdier than plastic bags and can keep you from having bag accidents to and from the car.

“GO GREEN!” says many Americans so they won’t see this scene as often Photo/Nathan Bevier, U.S. Air Force via wikicommons

Start Recycling

Recycle and reuse every chance you get. If you can compost old food items, like eggshells and vegetable scraps, do it. If you can let your kids use old cereal boxes for art projects, do it. Find clever things to do with as much stuff as you can!

Recycle paper and plastic. Contact your trash company to find out if they do recycling so you can get added to that route. If they don’t, do some research to find a local recycling place you can take these things to.

Buy Stuff In Bulk

Instead of buying a plastic bag full of apples or tomatoes, take your own reusable mesh bag with you and buy fruits and vegetables that are loose. This way you bring less plastic into your home and you can pick out better items to take home with you. Find stores in your area that sell stuff in bulk to get fresher items and cut down on waste.

Invest In Natural Energy

Consider getting solar panels or investing in wind energy for your home. This will help you cut down on your energy bills and it will help the earth as well. You can even do these things on a small level by buying solar powered lights for outdoors and buying solar powered chargers for your electronic devices.

Walk More

Start parking your car a little more often and walking to the places you can walk to. The emissions from vehicles are bad for the environment and the air you breathe, but they are a necessary evil. When a place you need to go is in walking distance and you don’t need to carry a ton of stuff why take the car?

Author: Anna Johansson

photo NASA

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