Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

Five Things You’re Doing Behind The Wheel That You Shouldn’t Be

From driving while you’re distracted to not obeying the laws, there are numerous things you could be doing behind the wheel that you shouldn’t be. Even if you don’t think it’s illegal, and even if it isn’t illegal where you live, many of these actions can still threaten your life and the lives of other people on the road or in your vehicle.

Instead of being a jerk when you’re on the road driving your vehicle, be a smart person behind the wheel. Here are five things you shouldn’t be doing while you are driving.

photo Oregon Department of Transportation

Using Your Phone

Whether it’s talking or texting, put your darn smartphone down. Don’t even check it at stop lights. It’s a distraction and it does cause accidents.

There is nothing anyone can say to you on the phone that cannot wait for you to pull over. In most places texting and driving can get you a ticket. You shouldn’t be talking or dialing either, though, as this still takes your eyes off the road long enough to get in an accident.


There are many reasons for maximum speed limits. Sometimes they are set because of the type of road itself, and sometimes it’s about the area around the road. This is a legal thing and you should be going the posted speed limit, or slower in bad road conditions.

Under The Influence

Don’t drive while drunk or high. Your reaction time is slowed down when you are inebriated, which means you could easily get into an accident and maybe not even realize it. You also risk passing out behind the wheel. Drunk driving can cause death, at the worst, and it can cause you to permanently lose your license and spend time in jail.

Playing With The Radio

Pick what you want to listen to before you start driving down the road. Messing with CDs and the radio take your eyes off the road and you may end up rear ending someone. If you have a passenger, let them be in control of the music while you’re driving!


If you’re eating while you’re driving, you are just begging for an accident to happen. You might not get in a car wreck, but you could make a mess. And, if your meal or drink is a hot one, you could end up getting burned.

Just pay attention to the road and follow the laws when it comes to being the driver of a vehicle. There is plenty of time for eating and making phone calls when you’re done with your commute. You won’t starve to death if you have to wait an hour to stop at a McDonald’s, and you won’t die of boredom if you have to listen to the same CD a second time through.

Author: Anna Johansson


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