Published On: Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

Five reasons why the Oscar ratings inched towards an all-time low

The TV ratings for the 90th Oscars was down 15% from last year’s rating, following a steady 4-year decline. The horrible numbers are nearing the all-time low for the ceremony: 2008’s event hosted by Jon Stewart.

So, why are Americans not tuning in? Let’s take a look.

Jimmy Kimmel is now too political

While Deadline tried to spin the Kimmel’s hosting, and the Oscars overall, of having little to do with President Trump, America wised up to Kimmel’s righteous indignation.

Regular crying fits and rants about political topics from the former host of The Man Show may feed red meat to liberal viewers, but most Americans want an escape from political lectures. Instead of the Oscars being a safe space from our political divides, the Awards Show has become just another berating of right-wing politicians or propaganda for Democrats.

Remember when Michelle Obama advised us all in 2013 how the Best Picture nominees “…reminded us that we can overcome any obstacle if we dig deep enough and fight hard enough and find the courage within ourselves.”

Let’s review the last few years: Trump’s travel ban (2017), global warming (2016), racism and voting rights (2015), Meryl Streep on women’s equality (also in 2015), socialism, Ukraine and Venezuela (2014), Michelle Obama (2013), Iranian relations (2012), financial crisis (2011), killing of dolphins (2010), gay rights (2009), Jon Stewart’s 2008 and climate change (2007). (SOURCE)

Fun decade of Oscar, huh?

Americans have had enough.

While Kimmel may not have roasted Trump at length, there was no way for audiences to know Late Night political host wouldn’t lecture viewers on gun control, health care or even tariffs.

photo/ screenshot

Hollywood just takes itself too seriously

Millionaires patting millionaires on the back, without much humility, reminds Americans that Hollywood isn’t much different than Washington D.C.

How does Trump’s America view the celebs?

Hollywood is a bunch of money grabbers, who belittle the audiences who line their pockets, while prancing around in overpriced dresses, which they don’t pay for, discussing humanitarian efforts and evils of the world, all the while navigating tax loopholes and never being overly charitable. Almost all of them are Democrat and conservatives are maligned and treated as outcasts.

Americans care more about their superhero films than Lady Bird or Phantom Thread, two films most fans have never heard of. Audiences are lectured that the films they made don’t represent blacks, so America is racist. The next year, there are not enough female directors, so America is sexist.

Dear Hollywood, sometimes we just want to be entertained. You hire each other, decide what films to make, so stop pinning this on us. We’d rather watch Star Wars anyway.

#MeToo and #TimesUp Hypocrisy

For months the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocked Hollywood setting up this year’s Oscars to be a stomping ground for another Women’s March. Then came the Florida school shooting and now the movement has been forgotten.

Moreover, many of the accusers are conflating unwanted sexual advances to rape and REAL victims across the country are disgusted.

Words matter.

The #MeToo premise of changing culture, moving away from objectifying women, becomes pretty hollow language when photos from the red carpet revealed tons of actresses still baring it all.

Forbes writer Western Bonime accurately stated that “It’s not that a woman shouldn’t dress in ways that make her feel good, but in these times of #metoo and #timesup, the navel to neck plunging décolletage of so many actresses on the red carpet just feels wrong.”

Yeah, it is.

America shakes her head at Hollywood lecturing the world about sexual harassment while producing soft-core pornography and treat sex as a transaction. It’s a Hollywood casting couch. We’ve all adapted working in corporate America, obeying discrimination harassment laws. If you haven’t – wake up.

While elites debated sexual misconduct more than the performances of Gary Oldman and James Franco’s snub, America tuned out.

Harvey Weinstein was applauded. Hollywood stood for Roman Polanski. Kevin Spacey and Woody Allen were glorified.

Weird Movies and the Winners were obvious

And the Winners are…more movies Americans don’t care about.

Did The Greatest Showman song win?

The Shape of Water is strange film, lovely and entertaining, but video fodder for most Americans who are primed to see Black Panther again.

Hollywood has trapped itself by excluding the big box office smashes from the elite awards. While Heath Ledger’s performance as Joker was recognized, there is a chasm between the views of the critics and audience appeal.

The nine Best Picture nominees from the Academy took in $694 million. Star Wars: The Last Jedi topped $600 million itself.

Likewise, the hype, the debate and the predictions kill the real intrigue of the night.

All of the top picks were accurately proclaimed months ago (LISTEN HERE) with no real surprises.

If you haven’t seen most of the films, later you learn that you knew who was going to win, what did you really miss?

The answer: not much.

Well, except Coco‘s “Remember Me” beat out The Greatest Showman for Best Song.

Americans have more important things to do

Most Americans just don’t want to waste hours of their life to hear about films they haven’t seen and will just wait for the twitter alert or YouTube clip to catch up.

Isn’t binge watching encouraged? Aren’t there a ton of new shows on Amazon Prime? Isn’t everyone supposed to flood to theaters  to watch Black Panther and somehow prove they are NOT racist?

They answer is YES to all of these things.

Americans want to tune in and cheer for films they enjoyed, actors they loved seeing as engaging characters, but Hollywood isn’t delivering much of that these days.

Americans have bills to pay. They have to get up for work in the morning and don’t want to think about more Trump insults as they head to bed.

The Oscars will always hold a special place among the award shows, but not as much as Hollywood would like.

If they wanted ratings, then they should have nominated Logan for Best Picture, teased a James Wood monologue on Trump Making America Great and invited James Franco to give out the Best Actress Award – that will have garnered ratings.

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