Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

Five Gift Ideas for Mothers Fighting Cancer

With Mother’s Day just a few months away, many of us are wondering what to give our moms to make them feel appreciated. Flowers, chocolates and wine are the obvious gifts of choice, but for anyone whose mom is battling cancer, these gestures don’t always cut it.

photo Messer Woland via wikimedia commons

A loved one in hospital will always be grateful for a thoughtful gift, but the demands of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments mean that many well-meaning gestures go to waste. To make sure you give your mother something she will truly cherish, here are five gift ideas for brave mothers fighting cancer.  


Cancer treatments can be tough on the skin, meaning most perfumes and toiletries are off-limits. Hospitals can make many women feel like they’re stripped of their femininity and home comforts, which is why jewelry makes an ideal gift for someone who’s sick. Websites like the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) offer unique jewelry gifts, such as the elegant and inspiring “bravelet” for cancer warriors. Purchases from PCRF also include a mother’s day charitable donation, so your gift will be impactful in more ways than one.   


Many women lose their hair during chemotherapy, leaving them struggling to feel like themselves. Fashionable headwear can give them back some control over their appearance and brighten up their hospital gear. Go for something colorful and bright, and make sure the material is breathable, like 100 percent cotton to avoid discomfort or sensitive skin.

Lip Balm

Chemotherapy causes a number of skin conditions, many of which leave lips feeling chapped and sore. However, a gentle lip balm can help sooth dried out lips and make your mom feel more in touch with her femininity. Just make sure you choose a natural product free from parabens or sulfates and avoid heavily fragranced products.


Books, movies and music can offer a welcome respite to cancer patients – just be sure to avoid anything too hard-hitting, and make sure any literature you buy is easy to read. Chemotherapy is exhausting, and your mom won’t necessarily have the energy to thumb through a huge novel or watch an entire box set. If you’re not sure she’s able to read or watch TV, a pair of headphones and an iPod is a safe choice, as music is both soothing and low maintenance. She can also download many podcasts.

Cozy Blankets

Cancer patients spend a lot of time resting, so cozy blankets, pajamas and pillows can make their time in bed more comfortable. Just make sure you avoid human-made fibers, as these can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, choose items made from 100 percent cotton, and don’t be afraid to go for bright, cheerful colors. You could even create a customized pillow with a message or photo displayed on the cover – such a gesture will remind your mom of how much you love her during times of need.

If your mom has been diagnosed with cancer, it can be difficult to know what to buy her for Mother’s Day. The key is to find something that demonstrates your love and appreciation, while helping to make her treatment just that little bit easier.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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