Published On: Wed, May 26th, 2021

Five celebrity beauty secrets

For certain celebrities, their beauty secrets lie in Instagram filters, airbrushed photos and even plastic surgery, but there are some stars who are able to maintain a flawless complexion and even seem to defy the aging process without the use of surgery or sneaky technology. So, how do they do it?

Read on to discover some of the best beauty secrets used by celebrities you can try for yourself.

Chemical peels

While they sound like a form of torture, chemical peels effectively remove the tired-looking upper layer of skin to reveal the new, fresh skin beneath.

Many celebrities swear by them, including Jennifer Anniston and Gwyneth Paltrow and they are two people doing a great job at holding back the years.

Be prepared for your skin to look worse before it gets better though as it initially makes your complexion look red and sore, lasting for several days after the treatment as the dead skin peels away.

Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay

CBD oil

While more research is needed, it is believed by many that antioxidant-rich CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits and can be useful for treating both dry and oily skin issues.

Kim Kardashian has revealed she is obsessed with everything CBD while other A-listers such as Emma Roberts, Kristen Bell and Mandy Moore all admit they use CBD products too.

The trick here is finding a reputable brand so you know it is good quality and can be sure of exactly what is in it. Websites such as platinumcbduk.com sell a range of strengths made using the best quality hemp.

Body wraps

Body wraps have been touted as a way to quickly improve the surface of the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite for example, as well as being deeply hydrating and detoxifying.

While most of the effects of a wrap are temporary, lasting up to two or three days, that does not stop stars like Victoria Beckham using them.

Celebs generally use them before red carpet appearances, but regular folk might enjoy the benefits for a one-off event such as their wedding day for example.


Brightening up your skin does not always have to be as drastic as a chemical peel. Regular exfoliating of the face and body will help to brighten your complexion and leave your skin with a healthy-looking glow.

Big names such as Camila Cabello, Charlize Theron and Padma Lakshmi all use an exfoliator as part of their regular skincare regime, and they are all looking pretty youthful with it too.


The simplest, most accessible and arguably the most effective tip has been left to last.

Staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day is a beauty secret shared by Beyonce, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Cameron Diaz, Tyra Banks, Bella Hadid, Elle MacPherson and many more.

Not only will staying hydrated keep your skin looking good, but it will also help aid weight loss when accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet and has lots more health benefits too.

So, if you want to jump on the celebrity beauty tip bandwagon, start by upping your water intake and then see if any of the other simple steps will have you glowing like an A-lister.

Author: Carol Trehearn

photo/ Stocksnap

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