Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Five basic tips to improve your outdoor experience

Venturing into the great outdoors can be a richly rewarding experience for you, your family and your friends. Whether you’re camping, glamping or spending the weekend hiking, it can bring you closer together as you live a more natural existence, far removed from the everyday comforts of modern life, but unfortunately, these trips can also be stressful.

From adverse weather and hunger to not having enough room to take everything you need with you, there are plenty of different circumstances that can crop up to make your nature getaway a lot less fun that it should be.

photo/ Greg Montani

Thankfully, there are some simple ways to avoid those circumstances and the stresses that come with them. Here are five basic tips to improve your experience.

Make sure you have enough room for transporting your equipment

Before you’ve even set off, you’ve got the problem of how to get everything you need to take moving on the road. You’ll have a lot of equipment to transport, and most of it won’t fit into the trunk of even the biggest vehicle. Sure, you can hitch a trailer on the back, but why make your vehicle longer and tougher to drive when you can make it marginally taller? The easier option lies on a roof rack, adding storage space to the top of your vehicle. Check out this guide for Choosing the right Roof Racks for you.

Pack for warmth

While camping and hiking trips are great fun, there is one thing that can turn even the best of activities into a miserable one – being cold. Make sure you take a warm sweater, a coat, a hat and a good pair of gloves with you. If you end up not needing any of that equipment, then you can simply leave it at base camp. That’s a far better scenario than spending the weekend wishing you’d bought it with you.

Ensure you have plenty of food and rations

You’ll need to keep your concentration and energy levels up, and the best way to do that is through making sure your body is fed and watered. If staying warm is important on an outdoors trip, then sustenance is just as important.

Create the ultimate campsite

If you have decided to rough it in the great outdoors with your family, you can take your experience up a level by creating the ultimate campsite. It can include sectioning off where you have placed your tent in favor of ‘zones.’ These zones can be somewhere to eat, where you put a table and chairs, and somewhere private for washing and the bathroom.

Check that your accessories are in good working order

Among the accessories you’ll want on your trip are a good flashlight for when nighttime settles in, a small hand ax for chopping wood and a good multipurpose knife for a range of tasks. Check all of those items are fit for purpose before leaving – there is nothing worse than setting up camp ahead of the hunt, only to discover your light isn’t working, or your ax is blunt. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail when it comes to equipment.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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