Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Finding Your Footing: How to Overcome a Shaky Start as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, there are a hundred and one things that you need to focus on at once, so it can be tough to keep things steady in the beginning. If you’ve made a shaky start don’t stress, it isn’t impossible to get things back on track. With a few minor adjustments and tactics, you will soon taste success again. Using these simple tips will help you find your footing as an entrepreneur, and get you back to thriving in your domain.

Get your time back

When starting out as an entrepreneur, you won’t ever be short of enthusiasm or endeavour, but it’s likely you are short of time. Trying to manage every step in the process of your business can be demanding and leave you with very little time, if any, to get things back on track. The best way to get time back in your day is by using automation and software solutions. Using payroll software in Australia will stop you from wasting time managing manual payment processes and reconciliations. A software solution will ensure you keep track of payments, expenses and invoices, and also provide key insights to optimise your accounting function. This streamlined approach will give you time back in your day to focus on the areas of your business that are starting to get off track.


Find a coach

Coaching isn’t just for sports teams, there is an entire industry dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and experience among successful business people. Finding a business coach can help provide deep insights into the challenges and pitfalls to look out for as an entrepreneur. Depending on your industry or business type, it’s likely you can find someone who has a unique understanding and experience in your field. Professional coaches are great sounding boards for ideas and a good source of information to bounce challenges off. With the right coach, you may be able to take your business even further, as well as getting back on the right path.

Talk to your customers

As an entrepreneur, it can feel like you have to design or operate the perfect solution on your own. However, a sign of a great entrepreneur is the ability to listen, not dictate. If you feel as though your vision or business isn’t solving the problem as expected, talk to your customers to understand why. Conducting some qualitative market research can help you understand the problems of your customers at a deeper level. With that deeper understanding, you can then begin to iterate and ideate your business design or idea. Feedback from customers can be a great way to pivot if you start to find your feet a little shaky after launch.

Revisit your vision

For most entrepreneurs, it all starts with a dream, an idea or a little pinch of inspiration. That is all it takes to start chasing your vision. Often times, the journey of creating that vision can leave you a little far from the original motivation. If you are suffering through a bit of a shaky start, reinvigoration can really help you get that focus back. Take the time to go back to your original vision, business plan or speak to family and friends about how you sold it to them. It’s easy to lose a little vigour in the pursuit of your dream, but revisiting that original spark can get things back on the right path pretty quickly too.

It isn’t uncommon for entrepreneurs to experience a little wobble here or there, especially after the initial launch of their ideas. The great entrepreneurs all have one thing in common, the ability to refocus. If you are looking for ways to refocus or find your footing again, then consider these easy tips.

Author: Caitlyn Bell

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