Published On: Fri, Aug 3rd, 2018

Finding the Right Sites for Your Online Advertising

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You might think that you are doing enough to advertise your small business online by simply working your social media and website to the hilt. But you are also doing yourself a disservice by not exploring the possibility of advertising on other websites. These sites can run the gamut from other businesses selling items that are complimentary of what your own business is doing, to news, entertainment and blogging sites that are looking to fill up their web pages. Think about it from a customer’s point of view for a second: How many times does an ad catch your eye while you’re perusing another site? If the ads are effectively done, you probably have even clicked and maybe even bought. Now think of the same thing happening with your own small business and how much difference it can make for you.

The problem is that many businesses think they can just start firing ads to whoever will take them and think that the profits will just come arriving in no time at all. The key is finding sites that are simpatico to what you’re doing and then placing the ads in just the right spots to capture readers’ attention. For those who really want to maximize their advertising revenue, exploring the possibilities of RTB automated solutions is the best option. Decisions like SmartyAds programmatic DSP help advertisers  connect to the largest global pool of supply, launch an ad campaigns with minimal funds and pre-determine how the placement should look like beforehand. In DSP the deals will be closed automatically through programmatic algorithm, in case you run the campaign manually it will be necessary to determine if a site can be potentially a good landing space for one of your banner ads, for this you need to take into account:

  1. Good Audience Match

This is the top concern you should have as you try to place your ads. Finding the websites that naturally attract the kind of visitors who would also be the most likely to buy your products is your goal as a small business advertiser. It doesn’t have to be an exact match in terms of subject matter, but as much as possible relevant to the demographics of the visitors who visit this site.

  1. No Controversy

There are many websites these days which attract the public by broadcasting extreme or controversial content because this is their main attention hook. Placing ads on these sites means damage to your reputation since there could be blowback from your customers if you are associated with sites like these. Unless your company’s views fall right into line with content like that, it’s probably better to steer clear.

  1. Pages Within Sites

You need to be able to maximize the potential number of eyes on your ads. That means that, even if a site is popular, you don’t want your ad get buried on a page that is never visited. Ideally, you could latch on to a page that attracts a lot of traffic for whatever reason. Even better if you can place your ad on a page that goes viral.

It is important in a competitive business environment to proactively look for the best advertising situations and the ad placing is an avenue that needs to be explored deeply.

Author: Matthew Perry

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