Published On: Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Costa Rica Destination Wedding

Costa Rica is a very popular choice for US couples who want a destination wedding. The beautiful scenery, exotic food, and incredible climate are just some of the things that draw couples who want their big day to be extra special, and there is a big industry around wedding tourism in Costa Rica. Because of its popularity as a wedding destination, you should have no trouble organizing the event or finding great accommodation in Costa Rica, whether you are planning for a small, romantic ceremony on the beach or you are bringing a horde of guests to celebrate with you.

On the whole, destination weddings are actually easier to plan than big weddings at home, and a lot of the work will be taken care of for you by coordinators at your chosen resort. However, one thing many brides to be underestimate is the impact having a destination wedding can have on your choice of wedding dress!

Why Your Dress Searching Criteria Should Be Slightly Different for a Destination Wedding

photo Koshy Koshy

photo Koshy Koshy

If you are going to be getting married in Costa Rica, you are going to have to transport your dress and the accessories you will be wearing with you. This can be an important thing to consider when choosing a dress, as the bigger and heavier or more delicate the dress is, the more of a hassle this may end up being. A dress that also would need professional pressing after being packed away could also be a very inconvenient choice.

Nightmare Scenarios

Of course, there is also the terrifying possibility that every destination bride’s worst nightmare could happen, and your luggage could get lost, not returning to you in time for the wedding! Because of these factors, you should look for dresses that are not just beautiful, but which are travel friendly.

What To Do

When searching for a dress, keep in mind how well it can be packed. Choose things that don’t crease badly, for example very structured bodices with net style skirts, or things you can easily remove creases from by steaming or ironing yourself at the destination (for example a long, simple silk dress). Have any alterations you need made to your dress before you go – even if the resort has a tailor available, it is better not to have to worry about this when you arrive!

The Back Up

While it may seem insane, have a back up dress. This should be a party or cocktail dress, for example from a modern vintage boutique, in a suitable color (white if your ‘proper’ dress is white), which you can wear as a normal evening dress or for the evening before the wedding, but which you can pack in your cabin luggage. This way if the worst happens you have a suitable dress to wear for the ceremony while your real dress is found (and you can do a photo session in your real dress once it is returned).

With some thought and care, finding a wedding dress for your destination wedding in Costa Rica is not so hard – just make sure you have a back up plan!

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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