Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2019

Female Contraceptives in 2019

The birth control pill was introduced almost 70 years ago, and other forms of contraception were available much earlier. However, there is still some stigma surrounding this important health decision. Whether it’s pressure from social or religious taboos or the condemnation of women who choose to control their own reproduction, modern society has yet to embrace the concept of contraception. However, more and more women are making their own decisions anyway; and now, strong-minded women no longer have to face public scrutiny when they buy contraception online.

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“When the birth-control pill was introduced to the international market in 1960, the possibility of simple and reliable contraception impressed people, especially in industrialised countries. This had a great influence on how women dealt with their own sexuality. The invention of contraception with the pill was revolutionary, especially for women, and created a whole new freedom for couples,” according to Apomeds, an online supplier of contraceptives and other medical products.

How effective are the different methods?

Let’s take a look at the effectivity of different kinds of contraception. The rating is based on how many women in 100 get pregnant despite using contraception. For a 99% effective contraceptive, 1 out of a hundred women using the method get pregnant anyway. Note that some forms of contraception require strictly following the product instructions.

Contraceptives with 99% effectivity

The following contraceptive are among the most effective on the market. Keep in mind that not every product is ideal for every woman. Consult your physician regarding the best contraceptives for your health and goals.

Contraceptives over 99% effective (if used correctly)

Due to frequent misuse, the following are actually 95% effective in a real world scenario:

Contraceptives that are 98-99% effective (if always used correctly)

Contraceptives that are 92 to 96% effective if used correctly:

What are Your Goals?

If you want to become pregnant in the near future, it’s important to consider your goals. Most contraceptives put into place physically or taken orally allow you to try to get pregnant immediately once you stop taking them. This is a great talking point for a woman to have with her partner and doctor.

 Author: Jacob Maslow

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