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Features To Consider When Choosing a Rifle Scope

It is never easy to choose a functional and highly efficient rifle scope that can perfectly meet your needs for your shooting sport or hunting; this is because you have to keep a lot of things in mind when making your choice. Things may even get more confusing if this is your first time of buying a rifle scope. This write-up is put together to educate you on how best to choose the perfect rifle scope that will meet your needs. Continue reading for tips on how to make the right choice and view more here to choose from.

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The various forms of a rifle scope

Before you make a final choice among the varieties of rifle scopes out there, you need to know the different designs so that you can make an informed decision. Continue reading to find out about some of the most common types out there.

  1. Variable scope

It remains the most common among the available forms of rifle scopes.  It delivers an accurate shot and just perfect for dynamic environments. You can equally adjust the magnification in line with what you need at any particular time.  You can zoom the target in or out to get the perfect shot; you will find this feature to be very important if you need the rifle scope for hunting. Snipers equally prefer this type of scope, aside from being used during hunting since they need long-range shooting.

  1. Fixed scopes

This is yet another type of rifle scope.  In this case, the magnification cannot be adjusted; it is fixed.  As a result, they are easier to use compared to the variable scope.  Despite the simplicity of using this type of rifle scope, its lack of variable magnification limits its application to simpler purposes.  However, you will find it useful if you are shooting at the same distance or in the same environment. Regarding durability, this type is far ahead of the variable form.

How can you make the right choice of rifle scope?

It all depends on what you want from the rifle scope and how you want to use it. The purpose can determine the choice.

Reading the specification number

When choosing a rifle scope, first check the scope number and understand what they are saying about the specifications. Bear in mind that the rifle scopes are given a general format of numbers with the magnification written first followed by the diameter of the objective lens.  The two features mentioned above are separated by a letter X, and the measurement is provided in millimeter.

You can identify a variable rifle scope if the magnification has two numbers separated by a dash.  The two numbers separated by a dash indicates the range of the magnification with the smallest magnification coming before the dash and the largest magnification coming after the dash.  In a fixed rifle scope, there is no dash in the number label.

What magnification to choose?

Magnification is undoubtedly one of the best considerations when buying a rifle scope since it can make a huge difference in your hunting and shooting results. Make sure there is an agreement between the power of your scope and your need.

Do you need a rifle scope for a distance within 150 yards? Then you will find a rifle scope with a magnification of 2-4x the perfect choice for you.  If you need one for short range shooting, a fixed rifle scope will work perfectly.

If you need to shoot an object within 300 yards distance, on the other hand, you will need a rifle scope with a magnification of 2-7x. 3-9x magnification will also be great for such a long distance shooting. The latter form of magnification is called multi-purpose variable scope. It works perfectly for both short and long range shootings.

You can equally go for a rifle scope with a higher magnification if you need to shoot objects at a distance more than 300 yards. In such an instance, you will find the rifle scope with a magnification of 12-25x the perfect choice for you. Such a rifle scope is never the best for a short range shooting since the least magnification does not accommodate objects located too close to you. Be that as it may, you will rarely need a rifle scope with a magnification of more than 12x.  


While a high-powered, long-range rifle scope may have several benefits as described above, it equally has certain limitations that you should bear in mind. For one, a rifle scope with high magnification can transfer less light and also narrow the field of vision.  Furthermore, it can negatively affect on the ergonomics of the rifle, making it weight more than low-powered ones. It equally makes the rifle to look cumbersome and larger than ever.

When making the final choice, always consider eye relief and make sure that the lenses present a clear view of the target at high and low magnifications.  Lenses that enable great clarity will ensure a more accurate shot than others. Click here to view more optional verities and grab your favorite one.

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