Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

Father Courtland Rogers says he didn’t know ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans was pregnant or had an abortion

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has gotten pregnant and will have an abortion, which will be part of the show. Sadly, she never informed the father, Courtland Rogers, who was in jail on drug related charges – he found out when he saw a commercial for the show.

Jenelle Evans Courtland Rogers Teen Mom“MTV was like, ‘Do you want to film it?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ They said, ‘Are you sure,’ and I said, ‘Yes,’ Evans tells The Stir about the decision to include the abortion on the show. “They’re like, ‘OK, you know a lot of backlash is going to come from this.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know. It’s OK.’”

Rogers told RadarOnline.com that “Nobody told me anything … I did not know that Jenelle had gotten pregnant and she didn’t talk to me about getting an abortion.” …It’s not fair that I found out about the pregnancy on a Teen Mom commercial.”

Evans had said “At the time I needed to do what I needed to do. I wasn’t in the best situation. I was living back at my mom’s, just got arrested for a felony charge, and I mean, I was in such a depressed state. It was just … my body was so out of whack. I was sick, so I went to the doctor for bronchitis, and that’s when they told me I was pregnant.”

On Rogers, she adds, “I just couldn’t be with Courtland Rogers because he was abusive. He’s not a good father figure. He has a child already and he’s not involved in their life.”

The quote from Evans on MTV regarding the actual procedure:

“Tomorrow I have to put two pills on one side of my cheek, two pills on the other side of my cheek,” Jenelle tells her mom, after returning from the doctor’s office. “Let them dissolve for an hour. And if they don’t dissolve by an hour I have to swallow them. And they said my uterus would start contracting and releasing it like it’s a miscarriage.”

In the four years since her television debut, the 22-year-old Evans has had a son, handed off custody of the child to her mother, used heroin, checked in to rehab, married a guy on a whim, was in domestic fight with her husband, was arrested for heroin possession, and spent time in jail. Things only get worse.

Source: Daily Beast

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