Published On: Sat, Jan 27th, 2018

Fast Fashion is Killing the Planet: How You Can Help Make a Difference

The world is a global place, which is why each and every one of us needs to work on becoming global citizens. Global citizens aim for their actions to bring about a positive effect on the community, whether it’s helping out a good cause, or in their buying habits. In fact, there is so much power in how we spend our money. If we opt for the easy and cheap options, we are hurting the planet. If, however, we demand a more conscious and sustainable approach, then we can compel companies to change their production business for the better.

Katia Zingarevich photo via Flickr

Fast fashion is a big example of this. Before the boom of fast and cheap fashion, clothes were made to last. Clothes were even handed down through the family, and were mended as they aged. Clothes lasted decades. They were also made within your home country. The entire production was located right at home, helping employ thousands of workers who made living wages. Then, the fashion houses moved overseas. They were designed in their country of origin, yes, but the burden of production was shifted to developing nations. These nations, who do not have designated or strong labor rights, have habitually and continually exploited their workers. Sweatshops are not a fantasy, they are a reality. Workers often die due to poor health and safety regulations, and are typically forced to work under extreme pressure.

The production of fast fashion itself is also incredibly taxing on our environment. Even forgetting what it takes to create the fabrics and run the production mills, fast fashion is made cheaply. It is made to be disposable, and we all know it. Hundreds of millions of garments get thrown into the trash every single year, and what is being thrown out isn’t natural fibers, either. This isn’t even taking into account the waste produced during the supply chain.

Our means of self-expression isn’t even allowing us to self-express anymore. Instead, it is a race to get your hands on the top trends of the season (and there is an increasing number of fashion “seasons”). As a result, you are not only wearing cheap clothing, you are also wearing what everyone else is wearing.

That is why we all need to scale back on our spending, or at least focus on spending money on ethical clothing brands. For instance, you can choose products like these sustainably made bags from Beulah London’s Bag for Love. Their focus is to help at-risk women who have been trafficked. Beulah London help rebuild their lives by providing them with an income and a life free from abuse. By supporting ethical companies, you, the shopper, are helping the world be a better place.

We can do better than fast fashion. Our wardrobes can do better. Our sense of style can do better. Being environmentally and socially conscious is the best way to do your part to improving the world, because if everyone improved their buying habits, they could encourage big companies to change their practices.

Author: Carol Trehearn


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