Published On: Sat, Oct 12th, 2019

Fantastic Motorcycles On The Market

Many motorcycles on the market today are new and used which should catch the eye of any motorcycle enthusiast. There are millions of motorcycle enthusiasts whose dream is to someday own and ride a motorcycle. Some of the motorcycles on the market are cheap, and some will cost you quite a pretty penny. Depending on the speed and comfort of the motorcycle is the most important thing when choosing one. For me, the comfort of the seat is the most important thing when choosing a motorcycle. The type of motorcycle for example, which I would love to own is a 400 horsepower one. But all of these motorcycles mentioned should catch the readers eye and give any enthusiast a suggestion on which one to buy.

Open Class Street Bike 2018

The 2018 Open Class Streetbike is the one of the best motorcycles produced on the market, it’s speed and acceleration is world class and it would catch the eye of anyone who’s favorite color is green and those who are into fast motorcycles. The street bike is good for covering quarter-miles in just 10.04 seconds, proving that it’s acceleration is very lethal and quick. The motorcycle goes from 0-144mph in just a span of 10.04 seconds as well. In just 2.98 seconds, the bike goes from 0-60mph, and in 4 seconds, it’s speed will reach 100mph. The speed of the supercharger on the motorcycle is 9.2 times the speed of a crank-shift. 

To top it off, the motorcycle features a 998cc 166 horsepower, giving it a serious bang! Many professionals who are into motocross are big fans of this one and it is their preferred choice. Elusiveness is another key factor in this bike as it performs very smoothly on curved road turns and it will be stable enough for that. The frame of the motorcycle allows you to see what happens to the wheels at all angles and speeds. 

This motorcycle has won many different awards best super-bike, best touring, and the best cruiser to name a few. In front of the driver, a full color LCD dash cam shows you how fast you’re going and how much gas you have left in the tank. Riding through heavy winds on a motorcycle can be very tough, which is why the frame of the motorcycle protects against heavy winds to allow you to muscle through them.


Dirt Bike

If you’re into dirt bikes and driving through sandy terrain, then the 2018 Enduro is the perfect bike for your choice. The light Enduro allows you to evade all obstacles along the terrain to muscle through a bumpy ride. This type of dirt bike is 248 pounds and it has the horsepower of 41. The torque of the bike stands at 7.580 rpm with brakes designed to be able to handle and emergency stop possible. When it comes to gas, this machine is fuel injected and it runs on oil and fuel tanks. Going against rocks, tree logs, or bumps is not a problem for the dirtbike as it’s suspension holds up well against those.

Italian Motorcycle

One of the motorcycles which really stands out is the MV Agusta motorcycle in which it competes in the Worldbike Super Championships. The MV Agusta motorcycle is specifically designed for motorcycle tours to show off it’s newest creativity and invention. The MV Agusta motorcycle features a 1000cc horsepower with three cylinder’s included to pack a real punch. These motorcycles can be quite expensive as they range from 43,000 euros.


The V4s Superbike is one of the latest additions to the industry. Starting from just $21,195, this superbike features a high-spec electronic suspension used to avoid foreign objects and debris on the roads. The wheels on the bike during turns experience what is called the gyro effect and the machine comes with a reverse-spinning crank to help make it more agile and elusive on sharp turns. While this bike isn’t the fastest one produced on the market, it still comes with 188 horsepower still giving it a pack-a-punch ability. On top of that, it comes with 81 torque with a peak power of 13,100rpm while it’s engine limiter hits 14.250rpm giving it tons of over-rev. Many manufacturers have tested this bike to determine just how much talent it has and comes with. Track tests have concluded that the traction of the power is very controllable. Some of the design features included on this bike are monoblock calipers and 330mm discs.

In conclusion, the bikes mentioned have some sort of special talent with it which differs from each other. Many enthusiasts have different preferences on where they want to ride their bike whether it’s on road terrain, plain road, or in mountainous conditions. For me, the V4s superbike was the bike which really stood out to me the most. 

One thing that was not mentioned among all motorcycles and dirt bikes listed was whether or not you can customize it. Customization of a motorcycle gives it a sweeter taste, in order words, adding new neon lights on it would look great at all motocross races. Many people in recent years have had many different designs on their bikes to show off their design talent. Whenever I played motorcycle racing video games, sometimes I would see on the screen the many different designs developers have implemented into the game.

And one thing I wonder is where did all the designers get their inspiration from in terms of customizing the motorcycles in the video games. Without a doubt, as we look into the future, we soon might start seeing motorcycles produced with faster capability. But that is likely gonna be 10-15 years from now. In the meantime, if you are into motorcycle or if you want to learn more about them, then all the latest shows in your local city and just the thing for you. The sooner you develop a love for motorcycle, then the sooner you can learn to get creative with all the latest design trends for bikes.

Author: Brenda Vollman

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