Published On: Mon, Jan 30th, 2017

FAKE NEWS: Washington Post denies George Soros ties to Women’s March as ‘unfounded’

Joining the ranks of leftists news sources like Salon, The Washington Post attempted to muddy the facts with demeaning post against Trump supporters based on data from a Public Policy Polling survey published Thursday. In particular is the dismissal of George Soros money linked to many of the groups organizing and marching in the Women’s March.

“Respondents were asked among other questions if they believed that most of the women who protested Saturday were paid to do so by Mr. Soros — an unfounded allegation echoed in the aftermath of the weekend’s festivities by conservative commentators such as Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.” (emphasis added, The Dispatch)

They link to the Salon article which calls the Beck coverage a conspiracy theory, but overlook the obvious: the facts were reported by the NEW YORK TIMES.

Sure, O’Reilly and Beck were on board with the coverage, they’ve been pointing our Soros funded protests for years.

George Soros – Festival of Economics 2012 – Trento photo Niccolò Caranti via wikimedia commons

“Only 17 percent of individuals surveyed said they thought Women’s March protesters were paid by Mr. Soros. When pollsters divided respondents by their preferred presidential candidate, however, it became clear that more than a third of Trump supporters believe Saturday’s participants were paid to attend: Only 1 percent of respondents who voted for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton told pollsters that they believed Mr. Soros had compensated protesters, compared to 38 percent of Trump voters.”

The Post appears to allude to the ignorance of these Trump voters.

While there is NO PROOF that the protesters were PAID BY SOROS directly, these organizations are connected to Soros money and support the leftist agenda, creating chaos.

The assertion of the Times article was the Soros money flowing to these GROUPS not individuals, but this is NO CONSPIRACY THEORY of Fox News or Glenn Beck and it’s disgusting that they would try to create that impression.

Just for chaos sake, don’t forget Soros money flowed to Trump’s campaign and that of John Kasich. Millions funded groups who were protesting in Ferguson following the Michael Brown shooting. This was so obvious that protesters were voicing their complaints of NOT BEING PAID YET.

Soros ties to attacks on Tea Party and Soros has clearly subscribed to the Cloward Piven Strategy of collapse through chaos.

There is fake news, but sadly it’s running rampant through the media establishment without any restraint.

photo Brandon Jones

Universal Studios Orlando 2012 photo/Brandon Jones

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