Published On: Sat, Dec 15th, 2018

Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail: 9 Major Calamities That Possibly Await Humankind in the near Future

Every year presents new tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other calamities to the world. Although there are areas that are more affected than others, most people fear the possibility of these disasters occurring in their cities or within their localities. However, most of the natural disasters occurring today are out of human control, thus it is important to know about them so you can be prepared in case they happen.  Scientists who study natural disasters have predicted major incidents, and most of these have already been witnessed today. Here are other calamities which, according to evidence given by scientists, may occur in the near future.

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  1.   Overpopulation

The fear of overpopulation in the globe has been around for centuries since Thomas Malthus made a prediction that an increase in population would result in mass starvation and over taxation. With a current population of more than seven billion, most conservationists believe that an increase in population is among the major threats the planet is likely to face in the coming future. This has already been experienced in continents such as Asia, and there are chances the same trend will continue in other parts of the world. Of course, not every individual is in agreement with this belief as opponents think that an increase in global population will stabilize in the decades to come, and nature will come up with ways of dealing with the negative repercussions associated with overpopulation.

  1.   Megathrust Earthquake

The Chilean earthquake of 2014 gave way to fissures with could cause an earthquake of a magnitude of up to 8.5 or even more. An earthquake of a magnitude of 8.2 occurred ninety-seven kilometers off the northwest Chilean coast near Iquique city. This earthquake caused tsunamis and landslides in the country which were potentially hazardous to the residents within this area. However, it is feared that a possibility of another earthquake of an even greater magnitude will occur in the future due to the earthquake’s location, and this is something scientists are on the lookout for.

  1.   Asteroid

An asteroid is the mainstay of disaster films, but according to scientists, a space rock would soon wipe out the earth. Science holds that the age of dinosaurs came to an end as a result of a meteoroid event which destroyed approximately 2,000 square kilometers (770 square miles) of the Siberian forest. This is a legitimate concern not only for the scientific community but for the entire world as well.

  1.   Mt. Fuji Eruption

Although this seems like an isolated event, Mt. Fuji eruption is most likely one of the most dreaded future disasters. When Japan’s landmass was shifted by Tohoku earthquake, twenty of the hundred and eleven active volcanoes portrayed signs of increased seismic activity, making scientists to believe than eruption is bound to take place any time from now. The Japan Meteorological Agency monitors active volcanoes and seismic activities in Japan. From the country’s data, 111 volcanoes have been categorized as “active,” implying that they have spewed gases or erupted in the near past. According to calculations, it is estimated that volcanic eruptions in Japan should take place every 38 years.

  1.   The “Big One”

Within the next few decades, it has been predicted by the US Geological Survey that a magnitude 8.0 or larger earthquake will likely hit California. The “Big One,” the earthquake that has always been anticipated in California, is predicted to occur any time in the future. According to the Third Uniform California Rupture Forecast, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake or more is seven percent likely to occur in the next three decades.  The probability of magnitude 6.5 to 7.0 earthquake has been estimated to be about 30 percent.

  1.   New York’s Hurricane

There’s no shortage of hazards or calamities which can be associated with New York: terrorism, muggings, among others are all a part of it. However, nothing beats these disasters like a hurricane which, in most cases, goes unnoticed until it throws a skyscraper in your direction. It is surprising for many to learn that New York is a hurricane territory given incidents such as Sandy and Irene. These two flooded the subways and collapsed buildings, leading to billions of damages. However, nothing beats these two like the hurricane that is predicted to occur in the future. It is believed that a hurricane that will be more severe than Irene and Sandy will occur in New York in the near future, and so it’s important to be prepared when it hits.

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  1.   Global Warming

Climate change, the mother of all apocalyptic fears, is the most significant threat that faces the planet today, and this is said to worsen in the future. Climate change can increase droughts in some areas and worsen the already extreme weather. Additionally, climate change can alter the distribution of diseases in the world and cause the low-lying areas to be submerged in the rising seas. It is predicted that these cascading changes could result in political instability, famine, severe drought, collapse in the ecosystem, among other changes which will make the earth and inhospitable place to exist.

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  1.   Pandemic Threat

Deadly pathogens emerge every year. Current pandemic includes the outbreak of bird flu, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and recently, a coronavirus referred to as MERS which is believed to have originated from Saudi Arabia. And since the world is highly interconnected, a deadly disease could easily spread across the globe like wildfire. According to experts, given the existence of a global village, the threat of a global pandemic is more than likely in the near future.

  1.   Engineered Disease

In addition to natural diseases, engineered diseases are also likely to occur in the future. In 2011, there was an outrage from the scientific community that a mutant version of bird flu had been engineered by researchers and this was transmissible in ferrets and through the air. The result of this sparked fear that deadly engineered diseases could escape the lab to cause a global pandemic. People’s research actions are, therefore, likely to cause a calamity in the future.

In Conclusion

Given the above possibilities, the world needs to be on the lookout for what is to occur in the future.  You can learn many of the survivalist tactics by visiting preparedbee.com in case these disasters occur. Since being informed is much better than being caught off-guard, it is important to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to navigate nature and what it has to offer.

Author: Laura Brown

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