Published On: Tue, Oct 31st, 2017

Facts the pro-life movement needs to know about abortion, freedom of conscience and the ‘pro-abortion’ crowd


Back on 2010, a private college in Pennsylvania shattered the glass ceiling by adding Plan B One Step emergency contraceptive pills in a vending machine on campus.

Shippensburg University installed the machine when the student government association requested it. The drug is available to anyone over the age of 17 without a prescription.

“The machine is in a private room in our health center, and the health center is only accessible by students,” College spokesman Peter Gigliotti said in a statement. “In addition, no one can walk in off the street and go into the health center. Students proceed to a check-in desk located in the lobby and after checking in are granted access to the treatment area.”

morning-after-pill-in-vending-machine-300x225In 2013, the FDA decided not to intervene following a “politically motivated uproar” over the vending machine. The FDA spoke with university and campus health officials and decided not to take any regulatory actions.

By 2015, additional campuses added the vending machines dispensing Plan B including the Claremont Colleges and Dartmouth College. Student government leaders at the University of California-Santa Barbara then approved the purchase of a vending machine to be filled with contraceptives as well as the morning-after pill, also known as Plan B, becoming the first public institution with the dispensary, according to the College Fix.

Health and Wellness representative Eyra Dordi said the vending machine is needed because it can be difficult for students at the university to get Plan B on the weekends.

“The problem we have on campus right now is that there is a lack of access to Plan B on campus on the weekends. Currently, at Student Health, you can get Plan B for $25 which is much cheaper than other places where Plan B can cost up to $50 or $60,” she said.

“The problem is if you have unprotected sex on a Friday, you would not be able to get Plan B from Student Health until Monday, when Plan B would be far less effective,” she added.

In March of this year, Huff Po ran the story: “Perfect Vending Machine Stocked With Plan B, Pregnancy Tests, Lube And Candy” with the byline: “The most important things in a modern woman’s life: candy and contraceptives.”

The post praised a Brooklyn laundromat: “the Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint has an arcade, a bar and (best of all) a vending machine stocked with Plan B, lube and an assortment of pregnancy tests.”

Sunshine Laundromat owner Peter Rose told DNAinfo that his idea for the family planning vending machine came when he was in CVS.

“I was just bored one day perusing the aisles of CVS,” Rose told DNAinfo. “I saw [the PlanB] and thought, ‘That doesn’t belong in a vending machine,’ and so I bought some.”

Rose noted that he added the new additions to the vending machine only a few days ago. “It’s not to make a political statement. It’s just random items for fun,” he said.

Full story: Shippensburg University gets their students the morning after pill in a vending machine

HuffPO story HERE

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