Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2015

Factors That Could Have an Influence on the Future of E-Cigarettes

Over the last five years, e-cig sales have dramatically increased in both the US as well as other Western countries like the UK and Canada. In addition to increased sales, they have also become wider accepted, and are often permitted to be used in places where normal tobacco cigarettes have been forbidden.

However, whilst the technology concerning e-cigarettes continues to grow, there are a few factors that could influence the future of e-cigarettes. Some of these are described below.

E-Cigarette Marketing

Two brands of e-cigs with the corresponding spare battery.  Equazcion at the wikipedia project

Two brands of e-cigs with the corresponding spare battery.
Equazcion at the wikipedia project

When you talk about breaking ground in new industries, the Oxford English Dictionary 2014 Word of the Year ‘Vape’ tends to point you in the right direction. With ecigs and vapor being one of the most progressive and exciting new industries in the world, there are also many challenges that brands are facing. Some of these hurdles come from external factors such as the FDA, but many come from competition and customers demanding choices and change. Navigating that change is not easy and there are only a few experts in the world that have taken the position of industry insider. Eventige Media Group is one of those choice agencies and what they have been doing for the last 4 years is pretty incredible.

“When looking for ways to advertise your product, having restrictions on almost every major network is definitely a challenge” says Roman Rabinovich, VP of Operations at Eventige Media Group. He continues to paint the picture of the current landscape, mentioning that the most important duty of the brand team is allowing for adults to have choices. These choices are the fuel behind what drives them to do what they do in supporting innovation, industry progression and the future of vaping. To them this isn’t a job but a personal calling, with many of the employees having previously been smokers and made the switch. Something nobody takes lightly at their NYC headquartered office. You can find out more about what they do in the ecig and vapour industry on their website.

FDA Regulations

One of the most important factors that will have an influence on the future of e-cigarettes is how the FDA decide to regulate them. At the moment, the FDA have already set out regulations regarding who can buy e-cigs, and how to make the production process safe. These two regulations make sense – after all, most e-cigs do contain nicotine, so banning the sale of them to under 18s is a wise decision. In the future, however, we may see more regulations in regards to the flavours. There are current concerns that the pretty bottles could entice young children, so we may see plain packaging introduced, as well as child safety features.

Public Health Regulations

Although non-FDA approved e-cig companies are not allowed to talk about the health benefits of e-cigarettes, it is widely known that they are a lot better for smokers than tobacco cigarettes which contain cancer causing carcinogens, as well as a number of other harmful extras. It is therefore going to be interesting to see how the FDA handles e-cigs from a health point of view. Experts believe that it is important to tread carefully so as not to dissuade people from making the switch.

Restrictions on Smoking in Public

Finally, it is likely that we may also see some restrictions on smoking e-cigarettes in public. Tobacco cigarettes are currently banned from a number of places, including bars, restaurants, shops, and public transport. And, whilst e-cigarettes are not thought to be harmful to bystanders, and leave no odour behind, it is believed that there will soon be regulations in place on where they can be enjoyed. A better understanding of e-cigs could prove to be the answer to this, but it is likely that we will see some regulations in place regarding smoking in public in the not too distant future.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

Anti-Smoking ad date 1905, public domain

Anti-Smoking ad date 1905, public domain

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