Published On: Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Face-To-Face Collaboration Tools for Client Communication

Remote desktop connections (RDC) are a spectacular wireless innovation that lets people from anywhere in the world come face-to-face with each other via their wireless connections in order to, among other things, collaborate on ongoing projects. This tool is especially useful to businesses, and not just because it creates better opportunities for remote conferencing. It also serves as an excellent way for the businesses to communicate with their own clients and can serve as anything from an effective way to collect constructive feedback to a thoughtful method of offering customer support. A few key ways in which using RDC’s face-to-face collaboration tools to improve your business’s client communication are outlined below.

  • Put a Face to the Name – By immediately greeting the client with an actual human face when she comes into contact with you, you will immediately put them in the mindset that this is an actual meeting in which constructive collaboration will take place, and not just a complaining session. It will also help to lend credibility to your company by showing it is an organization of people rather than a faceless corporate machine. In short, establishing face-to-face contact will immediately put the customer at ease, setting a better tone for the rest of the communication.
  • Establish Trust – Any salesman, and even most people that aren’t in sales, can tell you that clients are a lot more likely to like and do business with an entity they trust. It is also a well-known rule of social interaction that someone will feel more trust in another person he feels he shares qualities with. By seeing a smiling face and hearing a voice, the client will naturally empathize with you and feel better about trusting you. This will allow for a freer flow of information and will, ultimately, allow for a higher quality of communication.
  • Get the Message – Did you know that over 90 percent of communication is communicated by facial expressions, vocal tones, and other communication elements apart from the actual meanings of the words being conveyed? This means that client collaboration methods that do not include video and audio, such as email or instant messaging, allow the vast majority of what both you and the client are trying to communicate to each other slip through the cracks. With RDC’s face-to-face capabilities, there will be virtually no wasted communication and you will be able to understand what is being said, as well as convey your own message, much more clearly, accurately, and efficiently.
  • Collaborate Easily – RDC face-to-face softwares are more than just glorified versions of a video chat software such as Skype. They offer many other features to aid with deeper communication, including a vast array of tools that make sharing presentations and large volumes of data a breeze. Other features let you collaborate quickly and efficiently, and they will ensure that your communication experience is both fun and informative for all parties involved.
  • Let the Clients Know They are in Good Hands – Studies show that over 90 percent of customers love having the ability to instantly initiate chat with a company they are working with. Even if they do not actually engage in the chat, simply having the knowledge that they can bolsters their confidence in the business by providing a safety net of sorts. RDC video collaboration capabilities satisfies this desire, and it differentiates itself from other instant online communication methods, such as IM, by letting the client know that you are professional, you are armed with the highest-quality customer support services around, and you are utterly receptive to client needs.
  • Leave Them Wanting More – Besides being much more effective in carrying helpful messages between all participants in a conversation, RDS video collaboration sessions are just downright fun. Adding the human element, the ability to be sarcastic and witty, and the color of fully HD video to a remote conversation makes it a rich experience that all participants will enjoy thoroughly. You and your employees will enjoy taking care of customer support and client collaboration, and your clients’ loyalty to your brand will be increased. They will be sure to come back to you in the future in order to collaborate or simply to check in on a friendly face.
handshake photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay

handshake photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay

BlueJeans and other RDC video collaboration providers are effective at inspiring the trust and interpersonal flare of physical meetings without the tremendous time and resource commitment. They work to remove the roadblocks to collaborations that other long-distance meeting tools present, and they make full use of this unobstructed channel of communication by mixing in tools that will allow even more back-and-forth than an in-person business conference. Not only that, but iPhone and Android apps like Mobile Video Collaboration by BlueJeans Network allow you to take the incredible collaborative power of RDC with you on the go.

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