Published On: Thu, Dec 29th, 2016

Exploring Non-Medical Professions In The Healthcare Field

There are plenty of young people entering college who have an interest in the healthcare field, but who recoil at the idea of dealing with injuries, illnesses or blood. When we think of healthcare professions, we typically think of doctors and nurses. However, the healthcare industry offers a whole host of career options that aren’t actual medical professions. If you’re considering entering the healthcare field but don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse, then consider these wonderful non-medical professions in the healthcare field.
Healthcare Attorneys
If you’re interested in the field of healthcare but are more interested in attending law school than you are in attending medical school, then a career as an attorney in a practice related to healthcare might be the perfect job for you. The healthcare industry requires lawyers for many different purposes. Doctors need to hire attorneys when they are accused of malpractice and patients need to hire attorneys when a doctor fails to provide them with satisfactory care. Medical attorneys such as Jerry Sokol do extremely well and report high job satisfaction. This isn’t just because so many potential clients are doing internet searches for “Jerry Sokol Miami.” Instead, it’s because it’s a rewarding profession that allows one to work in the healthcare field without actually getting his or her hands dirty.

image by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from Flickr Creative Commons.

The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is comprised of thousands of different careers, making it a great field for just about any different talent or skill set. From those who work in the administration side to those who advocate for the rights of patients, the medical insurance industry is an extremely lucrative field that offers opportunities for career growth, great salary and a high degree of job satisfaction.
Medical Research
Just because you don’t want to work with patients directly doesn’t mean that you might not be interested in working on the scientific side of things. If you have an interest in science but don’t want to work directly with people, a career as a medical researcher might be perfect for you. Medical researchers work in labs and help to innovate new technologies that will improve or even save people’s lives.
Pharmaceutical Industry
Much like the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry offers tons of opportunities for all types of people and abilities. Whether you want to work in politics and lobby for the interests of drug companies or work as a sales rep, the pharmaceutical industry probably has a use for your unique talents and skills. Plus, there is a lot of room to grow in a pharmaceutical career.
Non-Medical Hospital Jobs
There are plenty of jobs within hospitals that aren’t medical in nature. From administrators to security guards, hospitals are big places that employ a wide variety of people. These are exciting environments where employees are never bored and report a high rate of job satisfaction. You can work with the public without having to deal with medical issues.
The healthcare industry is an exciting field. You don’t have to go to medical or nursing school to get a job in healthcare. Instead, you can explore any of these fields. Whether you want to be an administrator, a lobbyist or an attorney, there are plenty of opportunities in the world of healthcare and medicine.
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