Published On: Sun, Dec 30th, 2018

Exploding Popular Blender May Be Banned in the US

Injuries typically fall into common categories such as trips and falls, car accidents, or workplaces injuries to name a few. Sometimes, however, people get injured in ways that are very unusual. Exploding NutriBullet blenders which are leaving consumers with serious burns, lacerations, and other significant injuries is an example of one of these cases.

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While the source of injury is not typical, the damage done is severe. The force of the explosion from these popular and powerful blenders is so significant that it can lead to deforming injuries. Injured persons report of lacerated limbs requiring more than 30 stitches, burns and scars on the face, and fractured and broken teeth among other injuries.

Numerous individuals, at least 22, have filed lawsuits against the blender’s manufacturer, Capital Brands, leading to talk that the device may be banned for sale in the United States.  Lawsuits have also been filed in Australia and England as well as in other countries. The company, however, has denied responsibility for the consumers’ injuries.

Many of the explosions are believed to have occurred as the result of the NutriBullet’s motor overheating. While a safety device that is supposed to turn off the device if the motor overheats, it has apparently been failing in certain instances. The subsequent explosion from the overheating motor has the potential to eject a quickly spinning blade, plastic shards and hot liquid putting anyone at close range in danger. Injuries can range from cuts to puncture wounds to severe lacerations, thermal burns, nerve damage and more.

The company issued a statement stating: “NutriBullets present no safety issue when used as clearly directed in each unit’s manual, including the following warnings: do not blend hot ingredients, never leave the NutriBullet unattended while it is in use, and do not continuously operate for more than one minute.” The device has become a best-seller largely due to social media videos showing people effortlessly blending fruits, veggies and nuts into scrumptious looking smoothies.

Although the manufacturer claims that misuse of the blender is the cause of the alleged malfunctions, victims have repeatedly asserted that they used the device only according to directions and have denied and wrongdoing.

According to https://sigurdsonlaw.com/exploding-blender-injuries/, using a knock off blender may be just as risky or even more dangerous. “These are often even more dangerous because they are manufactured to a lower degree of quality and safety standards to keep the price lower. Moreover, they frequently contain the same design defects as the original.” Until further notice, NutriBullet users and users of all replicas should beware.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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