Published On: Tue, Dec 17th, 2019

Everything you need to know about new streaming service Apple TV Plus

Launched on November 1st 2019, Apple TV Plus has finally arrived and is set to challenge rivals Netflix, who are in immense amounts of debt. Apple TV Plus has been promised by Apples CEO Tim Cook to be ‘unlike anything that’s come before’. Well, it’s now time to put this bold statement to the test. 

Image from Apple shows all the devices their new streaming service can be viewed on

Apple new streaming service can be accessed on all devices and offers Apple users a free seven-day trial. The streaming service is also the cheapest of it’s kind offering users the ability to access Apple TV plus for a small £4.99/ $4.99 monthly subscription. Uniquely positioning themselves against their competitors, Apple has undercut its competitors such as Netflix and Hulu. The service also gives users the ability to share their subscription between six family members, offering more flexibility than its rival streaming services. 

One of the other great things about Apple TV Plus is that users will get a year’s free subscription to it when purchasing an Apple product such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. The unique positioning of Apple and their hardware production means they can seamlessly work their streaming product into their already popular tech, unlike streaming services like Netflix, who would have to partner with other tech giants. Collaboration can be quite expensive, which why Apple have the upper hand here. 

Unlike its rivals Hulu, Apple TV Plus is ad-free and is available in over 100 countries trough their app. The Streaming service, like its rivals, is set to offer an array of exclusive shows that have been made specifically for the streaming service. It will also have a variety of documentaries and movies form acclaimed filmmakers which include big-names like Steven Spielberg. Its release comes with the widely marketed show ‘The Morning Show’ with major acting stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell and Jenifer Aniston. 

Making their streaming service universal, Apple has also carted for the children’s entertainment market with their show for younger generations known as ‘Helpsters’. Helpssters is a show that is aimed at nursery level children. The show follows a group of monsters who love solving problems and work together, teaching children essential life skills while having fun and enjoying themselves. The show is also set to teach children new skills like coding

In addition to its Apple Tv plus service, Apple has also introduced Apple TV Channels. This combines cable subscription and streaming services into the Apple TV app, just like Amazon Prime Video. 

I know what you’re probably thinking, that Apple TV Plus is just another Netflix service with a bit more shine. But the truth is, unlike Netflix, Apple TV Plus won’t be offering the same licensed content from other channels or providers. This means all the content on this streaming service will be original. Unfortunately, this means you won’t find your favourite shows on here as you would do on Netflix or Amazon Prime, yes this means no Friends on Apple TV Plus. If users would like to watch these shows, they will need to purchase them through iTunes or other means.  

The popularity of streaming services is causing a shift in the way we watch our entertainment. The introduction of portable devices has changed consumer behaviour in such a way that fewer people are watching broadcasted TV channels. There is a higher number of young individuals who no have subscriptions to online streaming service compared to satellite or cable. As the Netflix generation grows older, the need for broadcasted TV channels might see a definitive end. 

The demand and popularity in streaming services explain why well-established organisation are starting their own streaming platforms. Another big brand looking to join Apple is Disney who is thought to be launching Disney Plus very soon.

This variety in streaming services and the flexibility it offers its users indicates what the future of entertainment looks like. Services will become more tailored and custom to the wants and needs of consumers. Now that users can pick and choose accordingly to their moods what they prefer to watch, channel hopping will soon become a thing of the past.

Author: Dmytro Smilka

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