Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Learning Quran Online

The Holy Quran provides a solid framework of Muslim conduct. Apart from ruling the entire Ummah, it governs the lives of individuals too. Hence, it is the ultimate responsibility of every Muslim to learn Quran online and acquaint themselves with this Holy Book. And if one fails to accomplish it, there could be serious troubles awaiting them in the Hereafter. 

Take it as a treasure of knowledge that’s going to guide us at every step of the way. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said: “O people I am leaving behind among you the Holy Book (Quran) and the Sunnah (way of Prophet (PBUH)), if you follow these in letter and spirit you will never be strayed.”

-(Hakim Al-Mustadrik, Book1 Hadith 318)

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Sadly, most of us have lost the purpose we were sent for. Instead of striving to learn this Book and spreading its message, we run after the worldly aspirations. However, it’s never too late to get back. Cut through the delusions of this world. We must turn towards the Book before our final call. 

Once you have decided to learn and understand the Quran, it’s now the time to look for viable means to do so. It may be tough for some people out there to find an appropriate Islamic center. Or perhaps, their tight schedule restrains them from taking out time to learn the Quran.  Fortunately, digital means are making things pretty simple nowadays. All you have to do is find an online Quran learning portal. A reliable platform will help you achieve your goals with ease. 

Before jumping onto the bandwagon, it is essential to know how to learn Quran online with Tajweed. It may be a new journey for you. Therefore, having essential info at hand helps you make an informed decision. 

Here are a few things that you must know about learning Quran online:

The Classes are Flexible

Unlike regular classes, online Quran classes do not have rigid time schedules. It is highly probable that you will be learning as an individual. This brings you an opportunity to set your own time and curriculum to learn Quran online with Tajweed. The classes are highly flexible, and you can structure them according to your feasibility.

Improved Connection with the Tutor

In a regular class, a single tutor is teaching several students. The entire class must struggle to keep up at the same pace. This can be overwhelming for some learners. 

Meanwhile, the lessons offered by online forums are usually for individual learning. There are group lessons, too, but most people prefer one-on-one classes. This allows the student to have a better connection with the tutors. 

An enhanced level of communication with the teacher brings you the opportunity to learn things more deeply. You can ask questions whenever you want. Also, the teacher makes sure that they are imparting concepts according to a student’s caliber. 

Offers Greater Value

You might be paying a certain fee for that Quran course you’ve signed up for. It bounds you. You must attend the lessons by all means. There is no way to fix a schedule according to your routine. With that said, bear in mind that online Quran classes are cheaper. They offer more value at a considerably lower price. 

At times, the fee is more or less equal to the offline learning mediums. But still, the value it provides is more than the latter. For instance, you get individual attention. Also, you do not have to travel long distances or modify your work routines. Just ask the tutors to provide you a schedule that works well for you.


The bottom line is, online and offline Quran classes widely differ from one another. The benefits that tag along with online Quran learning have compelled many people to sign up on different digital Quran learning forums. These classes are more inclusive, and there are chances of faster progress. 

There are hundreds of Quran learning websites that you can find online. It’s integral to look for reliable ones. You must also make sure that they have certified tutors and they follow an authentic curriculum.

We hope this was enough to help you understand how online Quran learning works. If there’s anything you want to add, let us know in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Anoshia Riaz is from Pakistan and has a Masters’ degree in English literature. She has learned and memorized the Quran and Arabic. She has also done multiple Quran translation courses to have an in-depth understanding of the Quran. Currently, she is teaching Quran translation in English online. In her spare time, she prefers to read books and help her kids with their school work.

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