Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

Event Security Increases Nationwide After The Las Vegas Shooting

The October 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 people dead and 851 hurt, has opened anew the debate on the role of event organizers in the providing security for their attendees. While the ones responsible for the Route 91 Harvest music festival have officially been absolved of accountability, some vehemently argue that it should have been the organizers’ job to ensure that there was enough event security to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Stephen C. Paddock

Considering that Las Vegas is a constantly busy place 24/7, it is an obvious target for crimes like this one. So, why was the shooter able to fire at will? Observers are calling on business owners and local governments to deliver ample and reliable security where it is due, not just when somebody important is arriving. If it had been the president of the US visiting, surely the security around the area would be very tight and carefully planned out. As it happened, the music festival was attended by regular Joes and Jills.

The same can be said of the Aurora theater screening of “The Dark Knight,” which took the lives of 12 people and left 70 injured, the French Bataclan Theater massacre, which killed 130, and the Orlando 2016 shooting, which murdered 49. With the successive reports of mass shootings in private establishments, people are calling for increased levels of security on regular days, not just when there are special events.

There are plenty of private security firms in the US, each boasting of a team of well-trained personnel to watch over an establishment and make sure no guns are able to get in. Some people think that upping security on so-called low-risk gatherings, like clubs, theaters, and malls, is inciting paranoia. Some even criticize that this type of “worst-first” thinking is a backwards way of dealing. However, given the number of cases of mass murders happening on “regular” days and places, the need for reliable security services is all the more pronounced.

The truth is, there is a threat everywhere there’s people, and criminals know no place and time to attack when they feel like it. It is, thus, the responsibility of every event organizer and business owner to provide a solid security system that will help give everybody peace of mind, no matter the activity and even in its absence.

Doing so is not creating a culture of fear. Rather, it is taking a proactive approach to a world that is increasingly being threatened with violence. This idea isn’t even exclusive to the US. It is happening everywhere else in the world. The value of a competent private security service becomes even higher in states that allow private citizens to carry guns around. Unfortunately, the issue of gun control remains a contentious issue to this day.

If you are business owner, an event planner, or just want a safer place for your neighborhood, perhaps it’s high time you start considering partnering up with reputable security firms. Fast Guard Service LLC’s team of consultants can help you devise a best-case plan that’s tailor fit to your needs. Get in touch with us at (844) 707-0574 for a 100% free security consultation today and get the event security you need.

Author: Muhammad Tayyab

Image from the backscatter advanced imaging technology (AIT) machine used by the TSA to screen passengers. This is what the remote TSA agent would see on their screen. 2010 photo supplied by US Transportation Security Administration part of U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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