Published On: Thu, Jun 3rd, 2010

Even Rolling Stone disses Ron Paul

I was thumbing through the current Rolling Stone while waiting for my prescription to be filled. In the article: “Congress looked serious about finance reform – until America’s biggest banks unleashed an army of 2,000 paid lobbyists”

I didn’t get far.

When speaking of the successes of the financial reform: #1 Audit the Fed

The most successful of the reform gambits was probably the audit-the-Fed movement led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent from Vermont. For nearly a century, the Federal Reserve has been, within our borders…


First off, Bernie Sanders is NOT an independent. He’s self-described socialist…democratic socialist to be precise.

Let’s get to the point: Rolling Stone credits Sanders NOT Ron Paul with the audit the fed movement. Are they insane?

For decades Paul has led the crusade to audit the Federal Reserve, in fact, IT’S THE NAME OF HIS BOOK! “End the Fed”

I “Googled” Ron Paul (in quotes) with “audit the fed” resulting 1,280,000 results. This includes his book, website and articles he’s authored.

Of course, substitute Bernie and we get 160,000 results but this includes credit for changing the bill to get Chris Dodd to co-sponsor the bill.

Here’s what Ron Paul had to say:

Bernie Sanders has sold out and sided with Chris Dodd to gut Audit the Fed in the Senate. His “compromise” is what the Administration and banking interests want: they’ll allow the TARP and TALF to be audited, but no transparency of the FOMC, discount window operations or agreement with foreign central banks. We need to take action and stop this!

I’ll confess I’m a late arriving to the club appreciating Ron Paul’s consistency and his legacy fighting Big Government but even during that journey it was clear where he stood on the Fed.

Rolling Stone clear irresponsible journalism is a slap at Paul’s legacy and does a disservice to their readers.



Pic: EndtheFedUSA

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