Published On: Mon, May 23rd, 2016

Euthanasia fight reveals Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s love of dictatorship

Reports confirm that on Wednesday night, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went across the floor of the House of Commons, pushed through a group of NDP MPs, grabbed the arm of Conservative Whip Gordon Brown and pulled him forward, meanwhile elbowing NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the chest, so unsettling her, she later told the House, that she left the chamber and missed the subsequent vote.

Trudeau allegedly told the group of NDP MPs to “Get the f—k out of the way.”

Why the animosity? Trudeau is passionate about moving along a vote to strip the Opposition of its powers in opposing his government’s controversial euthanasia legislation.

While Trudeau apologized at least three times, his angry antics are consistent with his political attitude.

Calgary Conservative MP Jason Kenney tweeted, the Liberal PM’s “increasingly dictatorial conduct has now turned into physical bullying of MPs. Bizarre, unforgivable, unprecedented.”

If former Conservative PM “Stephen Harper had ever physically bullied MPs like Justin Trudeau, there would be immediate & widespread demands for his resignation,” added Kenney.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

“I guess this is what the Liberals get for choosing a former bar bouncer as their Leader,” he quipped.

“Lost in the mix: MP Trudeau’s outburst was to speed-up closure vote in the euthanasia bill, unprecedented for an end of life conscience issue,” Kenney tweeted.

Paul Tuns, author of The Dauphin: The Truth about Justin Trudeau, put it in an email to LifeSiteNews: “In both his desire to squelch debate in the House of Commons and his violent outburst on the Commons floor,” Trudeau “gives credence to his harshest critics that he is an autocrat.”

In its editorial Thursday, Globe and Mail wrote, “The PM’s temper tantrum – what else can we call it? – left the Speaker, Liberal Geoff Regan, pathetically having to remind the House that ‘it is not appropriate to manhandle other members.’ Has a speaker ever had to say that? To a prime minister?”

Trudeau shocked some when he stated admiration for Communist China’s way of doing business, noting casually in 2013 that China’s “basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime”; who unilaterally decreed that Liberal MPs and candidates must keep any pro-life convictions to themselves in order to stay in his party; who threw his senators out of the Liberal caucus when he deemed them a political liability; and who has now ruthlessly suppressed debate on the most significant moral question of the day, the legalization of euthanasia.




Tory MP Bev Shipley, who also criticized the Liberals for pushing through legislation, likened Trudeau to an “angry, spoilt adolescent that didn’t get his way.”

Added Shipley: “We’ve got a dictator that almost says we’re going to tell you what you’re going to speak on…Folks, that’s not democracy.”

Charles Lewis, a journalist and anti-euthanasia activist noted that the “real issue is, why are they limiting debate on what everyone can agree is a bill that will greatly change our culture?”

“This is not some esoteric subject, but about doctors killing patients,” he emphasized. “What is going on with us?”

Campaign Life Coalition vice president Jeff Gunnarson noted that Trudeau earlier stated that legalizing euthanasia is such a significant step that the government needed to listen to all Canadians, but now Liberals have shut down debate.

“On an issue such as this, there is tremendous capacity for mature, reflective debate, engaging with the issues in substantive and sensitive ways,” Trudeau said in early April. “I’m very optimistic that we’re going to be able to meet the deadline imposed by the Supreme Court while having a fulsome, responsible debate that involves the voices that need to be heard on this issue.”


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