Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2019

Enjoy True Freedom And Maximize Productivity: How Remote Work, Works

A large portion of professionals are actively looking or would love to be offered an opportunity to work remotely. The freedom that working remotely offers is unmatched in the professional world as you can live anywhere in the world with a reliable internet signal. The trick about working remotely is to stay productive enough to retain this privilege if working for a company or working hard enough to earn a living if freelancing. Those that can balance the great lifestyle and ability to stay productive can live incredibly interesting lives. The following are tips to find that balance whether you are living domestically or abroad. 


Get To Work Early To Get More Done and End Your Day Early 

A commute is no longer eating into your day but this does not mean that you should not start work early. The earlier you start for hourly jobs the earlier you will finish if your remote job allows you to work flex hours. If you have a family this can be prime productivity time as you will be free of distractions for at least a little while. Timing yourself when doing specific tasks can let you know how much you can get done before an alarm goes off or your children wake up. Ending the day early can allow you to enjoy part of the day or an entire afternoon if you begin work between 5 and 6AM. 

Consider A Mobile Office 

A mobile office that you can move to any location you would like to live can be an incredible opportunity to travel while you work. A modular office system can be a huge help and allow a person to get away from distractions to their own office regardless of where they are! A trailer outside of this mobile office allows a person to move it to the location of their preference. A person that can easily just go outside to get an important rush project done will be a far better remote worker than a person that struggles to find a peaceful place to work. Mobile office furniture is important to have as bulky furniture will not make the most out of the space in your moving office. 

Track Productivity When Switching Up Order of Tasks 

Getting into the right work flow is important so switching up your order of tasks can really make a difference. Knocking out tough assignments in the morning can allow a person to look forward to the rest of their day. If a person likes to clear their easy work early, they might procrastinate before beginning the more challenging work. Play with different orders of tasks to see which one combines your enjoyment with productivity. There are plenty of time tracking software programs available that can allow you to see where you are spending a bulk of your time. If you find you are more productive when you spend less time monitoring your email you can make the appropriate adjustments. 

Living Abroad Can Allow You to Save More While Living An Incredibly Lifestyle 

Living abroad is something that remote workers can do without worry about finding a job in their new location. Saving money while living a higher quality life is possible in certain locations that have lower costs of living. Being able to save double or even triple the money per year will really add up over the course of time. Remote workers that live in areas like southeast Asia can save enough money to allow them to retire early in locations like Vietnam or Indonesia. Plenty of cities are very popular for remote workers so try to tap into this community as you could find other gigs or simply have friends to work with during the day. Take time to list out potential spots to live and work abroad as you will be surprised which locations offer a low cost of living. 

Work Somewhere With A View At Least Once A Week 

The beauty of working remotely is that you will be able to work anywhere with an internet connection. Remote workers are in luck as there are plenty of places that offer Wi-Fi along with a view. Restaurants on the beach or a café overlooking at part can add some spice to your otherwise plain work week. This can help you feel rejuvenated with some remote workers picking a different spot to spend their workday every day of the week. Coworking spaces for remote workers are quite popular which can allow for collaboration for those workers that are creatives like writers or web designers. 

The opportunity to work remotely is a dream for many so take advantage when offered this amazing chance. Keep your productivity as well as quality of life in mind to make the most out of it!

Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta

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