Published On: Sat, Jul 18th, 2015

End Times countdown has begun, watch the Temple in Jersualem

First, in 1st Kings 7:13 – 16, it tells us that King Solomon obtained the services of Hiram, a master craftsman of brass.

He made two pillars, each eighteen cubits high, and twelve cubits in diameter.  A biblical cubit is about 19 inches.

He also made two chapiters of brass to sit on top of the pillars, being five cubits high.  When you add five cubits to eighteen cubits, you have a height of twenty-three cubits, which is just about forty feet tall.

Together, the two columns in the front of the temple were named Boaz (force), and the right column was named Jachin (fulcrum). The Temple was completed in 1011 BC, taking seven years and six months to build.

 Photo/Tom Morris via Wikimedia Commons

Photo/Tom Morris via Wikimedia Commons

Secondly, in 2nd Kings 25:13 – 17, it tells us that the Babylonians had ransacked Jerusalem and the Temple some 425 years after it was built by Solomon.  When they went into the Temple to confiscate the Ark and Table of Shewbread, the room where the artifacts were kept was empty.

The two brass pillars where eighteen cubits high, but the chapiters on top of the pillars were only three cubits high.  So what happened to the two missing cubits?

The chapiters had sunk two cubits inside the brass pillars. Guess how that happened.

Thirdly, in Jeremiah 52:20 – 22, we read that when the pillars and chapiters were taken down and carried off to Babylon, the chapiters were once again five cubits high.  But now, we learn that the pillars of brass were hollow, being about three inches thick around.

Jeremiah and Levite priests had operated a sand hydraulic system that activated an elevator system to lower the gold artifacts below the Temple Mount, and hid them in a cave which was about 31 feet below the spot that Jesus would be crucified about 613 years later.

I am persuaded that the present Muslim Mosque will come down first, and great delight will be in Israel as they begin construction of the long awaited Temple of Yehovah.

I hope to see it, before the man of sin defiles it in 2018 AD, during or after the Feast of Dedication.  Peripheral to the expected event could be peace snatched from the jaws of war (or the other way around), an economic collapse, or an unexplained boom.

I won’t pretend to know.

Be advised that this is “my guess,” and not “a revelation from God.”

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