Elizabath Warren’s Progressive caucus speech is riddled with misinformation and boldface lies

Elizabeth Warren’s speech at the Congressional Progressive Caucus retreat in Baltimore on Saturday is supposed to be a rallying cry from the hard left to rise up against Donald Trump and his presidency. Sadly, her remarks are not rooted in truth, but in the misinformation and talking points which birthed “fake news” and the Trump movement.

Warren begins with class warfare, the language ripped out of the Bernie Sanders playbook, demonizing “rich and the powerful” and points to the “…systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, and bigotry meant opportunities weren’t spread equally…”


Even if this were true, politics are NOT the only arena which is perpetuating the problems. President Trump’s sexist remarks over twenty years pale in comparison to the objectifying of women in entertainment from Big Bang Theory to the Game of Thrones. Those offenders, like Chuck Lorre, are loyal to the left with their big campaign donations.

The Women’s March reduced women to a personification of their female anatomy, ignoring the facts that pro-lifers could care less about their vaginas and more about the babies in their womb.

Elizabeth Warren is speaking against the recent legislation affecting social secuirty and disabilitiy accounts
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Warren actually proceeds and implicates the DNC NOT Donald Trump: “People don’t elect leaders who break all the rules”

It was the Democrats NOT the GOP rigging the system against Bernie Sanders, manipulating the interviews and coverage in favor of Hillary Clinton. She is 100% correct – people will NOT vote for this and Hillary was proof of that. BTW, the server, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation corruption and tax hypocrisy further implicate the former Secretary of State.

“Donald Trump come to power when their countries are already in deep trouble,” Warren proclaims as though Trump created this problem.

The culprit is Barack Obama, the Democrats in power, Hillary Clinton and the liberal media.

Obama’s eight years were run by the stroke of a pen as the press gave the administration cover for scandal after scandal. The country IS IN TROUBLE and looked to a strong man to give their side representation. Warren is misguided in blaming Trump for the climate and culture of the campaign created by others.

In November, America elected Donald Trump.

Yes, the Russians helped.

Yes, the FBI director helped.

Yes, he lost the popular vote by three million.

But we cannot let ourselves off so easy. Not as progressives, not as Democrats. The excuses end now – right here in Baltimore. We hold ourselves accountable.

This is just disgusting.

There was no Russian hack, Wikileaks got the information from a disgusted DNC insider, upset over the treatment of Sanders. James Comey and the FBI didn’t help Clinton any, but the reopening of the investigation didn’t hurt either. In fact, the damage to Clinton was over Comey NOT acting when he admitted she broke the law.

Oh, the popular vote….just an awful argument. Anyone who cares has done the math to see that Clinton won New York and California by such a massive landslide that removing those two states reveal Trump won elsewhere.

Here’s the breakdown we published earlier:

California: Clinton 8753788  Trump   4483810   =  4269978
New York:  Clinton 4547562  Trump   2814589   =  1732973
Just over 6 million votes: 6002951
Overall: Clinton 65844954  Trump 62979879
Diff = Clinton + 2865075
An exclusion of NY can Cali illustrate a big Trump win of over 3 million votes EVERYWHERE ELSE!
So, please stop. Stop with the attacks on voter total in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan until you unearth the FRAUD in Detroit. You belittle President Trump with his illegal vote count remarks (rightfully so in some ways), but made a hero out of Jill Stein in November.

photo Brandon Jones

Warren attacks the Democrat theories of “bad messaging” and “talking points” before attacking the economy.
Yes, the economy. I doubt anyone in the room was bold enough to ask if it’s President Obama’s economy and that’s why there was NOT support for Clinton?!?!
“Republican politicians have pushed one policy after another that has favored the rich and powerful over everyone else, and far too often, Democrats have gone right along.”
Warren is just offering up a delusional leftist, progressive notion that is 100% false. The President was a Democrat and the Republicans were always the one caving and angering their base.
“It’s time for Democrats to grow a backbone and to get out there and fight.”
I really don’t know what she’s talking about.
  • “We fight for basic dignity and respect for every human being—everybody counts. All people are entitled to be treated with respect.” — EXCEPT FOR UNBORN BABIES, FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE FOR THE RELIGIOUS OR ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS TRUMP
  • “We fight for economic opportunity – not for those at the top, but for everyone. We believe that every one of our children deserves a fighting chance to build a real future.” — SOCIALISM, FREE STUFF…BLAH BLAH BLAH….This will resonate with the college kids, but the voters spoke and Warren doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
  • We are not the minority party. We are the opposition party, and we need to talk about the key difference between us and them every day—and we need to say it in the plainest possible way: —  YOU ARE THE MINORITY PARTY, YOU ARE A REGIONAL PARTY, SHRINKING AND LOSING SEATS. Warren may try to rally her troops, but the facts prove she’s 100% wrong here.

Warren returned to attacking Trump, dropping these whoppers:

“Republican politicians smiled and climbed right into bed with him” – uh no, ask Ted Cruz, Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck and others how they feel. The GOP is very splintered and vulnerable.

“Always remember that the bigotry stirred up by Donald Trump is perfectly ok with the Republicans in Washington.” — just a disgusting comment and it’s horrible of Warren to say this. Republicans like Paul Ryan have denounced Trump’s comments during the campaign and more.

“Republicans are afraid to stand up for what is right. Afraid to stand up for basic American values.” — No Sen. Warren, they believe differently than you and you are just using hyperbolic insults and class warfare to motivate outrage them.

“Democrats are the party of all the people – every single one.” — EXCEPT pro-lifers, those calling for LEGAL immigration and stronger borders, those seeking freedom to exercise their freedom of conscience with regards to participation in gay marriage and protect the privacy of the ladies’ bathroom. The Democrats and Progressives are INCREASINGLY EXCLUSIVE and prejudice against those who don’t agree with their agenda.

Warren attacks the rich, Wall Street, the oil companies etc…just demonizing those on the right as she makes the proclamation “We Fight Back!”

“In our democracy, We the People decide the character of this nation.” – it’s a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC and NOT a Democracy, that matters.

“When we protest, when we make phone calls, when we carry signs and ask questions, when we make our voices heard – that is when we affirm our uniquely American character.” – NO, you make a scene. In many case you loot and riot, break laws and destroy property. You have the right to protest, but not behave like criminals.

“We will resist every effort to disgrace our Constitution.” — Since when do the progressives care about the Constitution? Obamacare – NOT in there. Free college education – NOT in there. The right to kill babies – NOT in there. The right to a retirement check – NOT in there.

It’s actually kind of sad and yet, relieving.

Sen. Warren was poised to be the most powerful politician to carry the mantle for the Sanders movement, but this is just college campus rhetoric. The leftists love this propaganda, but calling political enemies Hitler, Fascists, sexists, racists and homophobes makes enemies NOT voters.

Winning back Trump voters wasn’t done this weekend in Baltimore and from the sound of Warren’s speech, it’s going to get worse for Democrats in 2018.

photo Brandon Jones


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