Published On: Sat, Aug 11th, 2018

Efficient Use Of Storage Space Within An Existing Building Footprint

More often than not, large storage spaces in the form of warehouses are built within an existing building. After all, second-hand warehouses will cost you so much less than building a new building. Perhaps the only problem is, you’d have to adjust your storage system based on the existing building’s footprint.

Fortunately, you don’t really have to sacrifice much of your preferences when it comes to creating your own storage system within an old building. You can easily use storage systems to create an effective and efficient storage space for your business or personal needs.

The only thing you’d need to find out now is how to efficiently use the storage space in an existing building footprint.

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5 Ways to Efficiently Use Storage Space in an Existing Building Footprint

Choose the Right Storage Equipment

Try to ask help from a storage manufacturing expert for this one. An expert can effectively assess the building’s blueprint and floor plan to identify what kind of storage equipment options you can choose from. By doing so, you’ll be able to start creating a flexible storage system that can accommodate your growing inventory.

Measure Everything

After consulting a storage expert on what kinds of options you can choose from for your storage system, the next best thing to do is measure the entire storage space. Measuring at an early stage will help you set the right targets for attaining the utmost efficiency in your storage room.

Moreover, you should also consider trying several ways to measure the space in the building based on the different functions you have in mind for each area.

Salvage Existing Equipment, Products, and Facilities.

Unless they’re totally useless for you, you should consider using the remaining facilities, pieces of equipment, and products left at the building. Don’t get tempted to keep things that aren’t of use to you. Make sure to only salvage things that won’t add clutter to your storage space.

Some things you may want to consider salvaging are windows, building components, or metal door frames.

Make Use of the Entire Site and Estate

People often overlook utilizing the areas outside the storage building. If you truly wish to efficiently use all the space in the building, make sure to perform measurements and assessments outside the building as well. Take into account future expansion, parking space, and areas for heavy machinery.

Assessing the areas outside the building may cost you a little extra, but it will definitely make you more able to plan and create a more flexible storage system.

Always Design with Safety in Mind

If you plan to store large and heavy load items, make sure to utilize existing structures that can provide added security for the people entering your storage space. For example, try checking if you could salvage or include a new automated storage and retrieval system for all your stored items.

Having an AS/RS system can significantly increase the overall efficiency and safety of your items and personnel. Furthermore, it can speed up the overall process of packing, picking, returning, and distributing your items.

Don’t be Afraid to Make Renovations

Sometimes, existing building footprints aren’t enough. If so, do not hesitate to make a couple of renovations. For example, taking down a wall or putting one up can drastically affect your overall process of finding, picking, getting, and returning items to their proper places.

Work with a Professional

The ultimate key to creating an efficient storage system is working with a storage manufacturing professional. You may think that it could cost you a lot, but in reality, working with a professional can save you tons of money by reducing the occurrence of errors when creating a new storage system.

Moreover, having a storage manufacturing professional by your side will allow you to fully understand how your storage system will work. A professional can even help you design or alter your overall storage process. He or she can also ensure that your new storage system will be completely in line with current laws and regulations.

Author: Elena Tahora

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