Published On: Wed, May 6th, 2020

Efficient and Quick Electronic Signatures with SignNow

Digitalization is inevitable if you want your business to remain successful and prosperous. It is no longer effective and even secure enough to deal with official documentation in physical format. Major international corporations have already set the example by operating with their documents, contracts, agreements, and other papers digitally. Of course, such a process calls for incorporating electronic signatures. Currently, the most high-quality and efficient software on the market is SignNow. This program will allow you to put an e-sign on any digital document without any trouble.

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The whole process of sending away official papers, editing or signing and then returning them to the sender can be easily conducted with the help of a single program. SignNow is more than just some software for placing electronic signatures but an essential helper for managing all the paperwork in a digital form.

Why SignNow is so Beneficial for Businesses?

There is an abundance of e-signature programs on the market, yet based on the numerous positive reviews, SignNow continues to be the handiest and most approachable one.

A variety of advantages makes this software so popular among business owners and company managers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Convenience for employees and clients alike – the program was developed with all the possible users in mind, which is why both company workers and their clients will have no issues while using this software. The simplicity of SignNow makes it very approachable even for those who see the program for the first time;


  • User-friendly design – the interface is designed in a way that allows easy access to all the useful features of SignNow without any problems. Even those computer users with beginner skills will find the software very accessible and easy to navigate;


  • Increased security – in order to prevent possible hacker attacks on valuable information, all the documents are protected with the newest encryption methods. This eliminates the possibility of company data theft;


  • Availability across platforms – depending on the devices you are using most commonly, you can set up SignNow on any of them. Whether you are working on a computer in the office, on a tablet at home, or even on your smartphone on the go, you will have quick access to all the necessary documents. The devices that run on Android and iOS support SignNow as well.


The Range of Features Available with SignNow

Thanks to the high functionality, it is possible to use a single SignNow program instead of multiple ones where each performs its functions. There are numerous helpful features for managing electronic documents and signing them officially. It can be used for internal documentation and exchanging files with business associates and clients. Here is the list of the key features of SignNow:

  • Various opportunities for customization


Each document requires a different approach and information. While the majority of papers only have to be signed by recipients, some of them include empty spaces for additional text or a list of some sort. Editing tools in SignNow provide easy solutions for a document of any type:

Text field – this tool gives the ultimate freedom in terms of filling the document with any information;

Check box – if your document involves a list for recipients to choose specific options, it is advised to include check boxes. This way, it is easy to place a check mark near the necessary position in just one click;

Calculator – there are special fields designated for calculating numbers in order to eliminate the possibility of misspelling. A person simply needs to fill in the data, and the field will calculate an outcome accurately;

Time and date – adding this field ensures that a recipient will include the exact date of signing the document. You can also choose a specific date format if necessary;


Signature field – some might think that placing electronic signatures is more difficult than doing it the usual way on paper. However, SignNow provides a few different ways of signing documents for your convenience. You can use an uploaded scan of a signature, type it in words, or even draw one with a mouse. In addition, each signature remains in the program for quick access in the future;

  • Attaching files – as a solution for saving time, it is possible to enclose various files with the documents you exchange. A file can be also requested with a signed paper in order to complete it;
  • Staying updated – it is simple to lose track of certain documents if you are dealing with large amounts of records. Setting up notifications that will provide you with a reminder each time a document is signed proves to be a convenient feature;
  • Including logos – an essential part of each company is its branding. Adding a brand to your documents is a useful feature as it increases awareness about your company. A unique logo of your business can be uploaded into SignNow and used for branding purposes.

Choose SignNow for Maximum Efficiency

Finding perfectly suitable and effective electronic solutions for every process in a company might be difficult, which is why SignNow is a combination of the most commonly used and requested features. Thousands of users leave positive feedback about this software because of its convenience and accessibility.

Signing papers with SignNow is quick, incredibly simple, and fully legal. You can start noticing a boost in your employees’ productivity immediately after incorporating this program. The results are confirmed by numerous successful companies worldwide.

Author: Anna Melnikova

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