Published On: Sun, Sep 2nd, 2012

Ed Brubaker talks ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and upcoming films

Marvel announced at the Fan Expo TorontoMarvel Comics broke the news that starting with February’s issue #15, the “Winter Soldier” ongoing will welcome new writer Jason Latour. Of course, this leaves many fans wondering where writer Ed Brubaker is going. The co-creator of the revived Bucky Barnes’ current costumed identity, Brubaker has recently been discussing his plan to shift to creator-owned comics and Hollywood work, and as the writer tells CBR News, the super soldier comic just found its moment for his exit alongside his career changes.

Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers (center) with the Howling Commandos – Bruno Ricci plays Jacques Dernier (third left from center), Kenneth Choi plays Jim Morita (second left from center), Neal McDonough plays Dum Dum Dugan (first right from center), Sebastian Stan plays James “Bucky” Barnes (second right from center), JJ Feild plays Montgomery Falsworth (third right from center), and Derek Luke plays Gabe Jones (fifth right from center) – in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, from Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment.

“Well, originally, the book was going to end around #14 or #15, because sales weren’t as good as we’d hoped they’d be,” the writer explained. “I’d been planning for that end for about three or four months. Then I guess sales stabilized, and the Cap movie [sequel] was announced, and everyone really likes the book and likes the character, so they want to keep it going.”

Even though he’ll be leaving the characters’ comics adventures behind for now, the writer stated that he hopes to be more involved in the upcoming “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” film than he was able to be for the first Marvel Studios Cap pic.

“I’m not sure what I can say about it. I’ve heard from friends of the directors, and I’ve talked with Kevin Feige about meeting with them at some point. I know the screenwriters, so I’m a little bit in the loop. But not a lot of people knew what the name of the movie was going to be, so I wasn’t offended when I found out about it the same way everyone else did. I was walking back to my hotel [in San Diego] when I started getting texts from people and thought, ‘I guess two days after the Eisners is a little late to congratulate me, but okay.’ And then someone mentioned the movie, and I was like ‘What?!?’ So I was a little surprised,” he laughed.

“It’s pretty exciting that this character I established by bringing Bucky back and giving him a new identity is getting out there,” the writer added. “I have all the episodes of the ‘Avengers’ cartoon with the Winter Solider in it saved on my DVR at this point. I have all the statues and action figures. It’s just bizarre. I remember in my first issue of ‘Batman,’ I created a new villain and nobody used him forever.”

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in “Captain America: First Avenger” photo

Brubaker also expressed confidence in how the character will translate to the big screen. “I got to meet the guy who played Bucky in the first movie, and he knew all about the Winter Soldier. He said, ‘I guess I have you to thank if they make any more of these.’ That was pretty amazing,” Brubaker said. “The thing I think is great about Marvel having their own movie studio is that they’re up on everything that’s happening in the comics, and they’re using that to make a movie universe. Good on them for signing on Joss Whedon to be involved with all of that. It’s like someone finally figured out a way to use Joss to make billions of dollars.

“I hope to know more things soon about the movie that I won’t be able to talk about. People thought it was a slight that I didn’t get a cameo in ‘Captain America’ like JMS, Walt Simonson and Stan Lee got put in ‘Thor.’ They were actually trying to fly me to London to be on set for a week at Marvel’s expense, but my dad was on his death bed at the time. I didn’t want to be on a movie set in London when my dad died. They were going all out to get me there, though, and Marvel has been really cool with me on the movies. And Chris Evans — who did an amazing job as Captain America — was out there giving interviews. I saw where he’d quote interviews with me! I was like, ‘Wait…this guy didn’t just read a few comics. He really did his research and read everything I was saying about the character.’ It’s pretty amazing.”

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” banner

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