Published On: Thu, Mar 26th, 2015

Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux: country music says ‘let’s go kill some Muslims’

Cruz and McCarthy attacks are commonplace on MSNBC

Cruz and McCarthy attacks are commonplace on MSNBC

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas is now officially under the wrath of everyone who disagrees with him, but MSNBC allowed country music to become part of the attack campaign against Cruz.

An MSNBC guest panelist on Wednesday responed to Cruz telling “CBS This Morning” that his music preferences changed after the deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks. He said the way country music “collectively” responded to the tragedy really “resonated” with him, so he’s been listening to country ever since 2001.

Ebony.com senior editor Jamilah Lemieux apparently thinks there’s a motive behind Cruz’s taste in music.

“Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music,” Lemieux said. She then added sarcastically, “Fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia, so he obviously doesn’t want to be a polarizing candidate, he wants to bring people together. That’s absurd.”

Neither “Now With Alex Wagner” fill-in host Ari Melber, Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh and former RNC Chairman Michael Steele spoke up to defend Cruz or call out the ridiculous remark.

Walsh and another person could be heard laughing as Walsh went on to call Cruz an “idiot” for “pandering” to his audience.

According to Mediaite Melber issued an on-air apology later in the show.

“We have a programming note. A few minutes ago on this show, a guest made a comment about country music. That comment was not appropriate, and we want to be clear this network does not condone it,” he said.

Note that there was no personal apology or distancing from the comment more intimately.

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