Published On: Sat, Sep 21st, 2019

Earth Overshoot activist, mother Sara Perine tells women to save Mother Earth: don’t have or abort those kids

Huffington Post published a guest article from Earth Overshoot, a climate change activist group based out of Pennsylvania, written by Sara Perine, mother of two. Her message is clear: don’t have kids (or have fewer) for “the best interests of the child, the parent and the planet” because the earth is overpopulated.

Perine opens simply with her discussing her kids, how she went from being “blissfully ignorant about climate change” to her new life “I’ve spent the last five years of my life working to influence people not to have children — or at least to have fewer of them.”

Species are going extinct, forests are disappearing and aquifers are drying up at a startling rate,” she writes before likening this emotional to state to the one she felt around 9/11 “when I questioned the sanity of bringing a child into such a chaotic, hate-filled world.”

earth fireball destruction photo/ Bela Geletneky aka photoshopper24 via pixabay.com


From Yale Environment 360 “…nobody knows whether such estimates are anywhere close to reality. They are based on computer modeling, and documented losses are tiny by comparison. Only about 800 extinctions have been documented in the past 400 years, according to data held by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Out of some 1.9 million recorded current or recent species on the planet, that represents less than a tenth of one percent.”

One common theory: “Some ecologists believe the high estimates are inflated by basic misapprehensions about what drives species to extinction.”

Perine then chronicles her travels, the fish crisis in Japan (no mention of China’s impact), the demand on Kansas to produce crops (overlooking the government subsidies for biofuels) and the global clean water crisis (omitting the incredible strides forward).

Earth Overshoot’s “8 Billion Angels” is an overpopulation documentary and Perine is quick to echo its message “it taught me about a practical, science-based solution that has a greater positive impact than any other ‘green’ solution available: have fewer kids.”

Fake story about polar bear centered around this photo


There is a whole site to challenge the thinking about overpopulation: overpopulationisamyth.com

Their analysis points to the overpopulation of cities, no whole countries or regions, while acknowledging the third world country problem which is drive more by geopolitical climates than the earth’s temperature.

Many countries are already suffering from underpopulation, growth less than the 2:1 ratio, and finding new social and cultural struggles.

Back to the message: Don’t have kids (or have less of them).

“If explosive world population growth is the greatest driver of our environmental degradation, including climate change, and if even the most environmentally conscious person creates a significant carbon footprint simply by consuming food, using fuel for transportation and consuming energy for heating and cooling, wouldn’t having fewer children be the best way to address our problems?”

This is why there is now meat tax hike in Germany,despite the poverty problem. This is why there is an attack on beavers, cows, pets and even earthworms.

There is something we can all rally around: individually we can all do something and be better.

President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accords and yet Americans lead the world as our carbon dioxide emissions rank 11th among countries. Between 2005 and 2017, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions fell by 12.4% on an absolute basis and by 19.9% on a per capita basis.

Earth Overshoot is a population alarmist organization and Sara Perine is using the HuffPo platform to attack the model of getting married and having kids: “…we need to be able to pause throughout our lives to assess and determine our next move. Only then can we move beyond making the decision to have children based on some outdated, misguided and destructive obligation to society and put the focus where it should be — on the best interests of the child, the parent and the planet.”

Got that description of having a family: “outdated, misguided and destructive obligation to society.”


Perine writes: “And what is the best way to promote having fewer children in a voluntary, human rights context? Ensuring that high-quality family planning is available for all women who want it, anywhere in the world, and increasing access to education for girls. Women with more education manage their reproductive health more, and have fewer and healthier children”

Her message of “delay or forgo having children” comes later, because that’s the message from pro-lifers, one of “delay or forgo” HAVING SEX to NOT have children.

Perine uses the mantra “decisions about their own bodies” later in the post.

Meld the abortion movement with the global warming alarmism and this is the close of Perine’s message:

“We can all support organizations that provide women access to high-quality reproductive health care and invest in girls’ education, and we can advocate — at local, national and international levels — for the resources and policy changes needed to help heal the environment and reduce ecological overshoot. We can all help to ease the burdens placed on the Earth’s mothers — and to ease the burdens we all place on Mother Earth.”

TRANSLATION OF MESSAGE: Don’t have kids. Have abortions along the way to delay or forego having kids and then maybe, later in life, have two, like Perine, but carry this new “white leftist guilt and shame” of living in the greatest time in human history…a time where we have reduced global poverty, work globally to improve conditions in third world nations, improve technology for a cleaner tomorrow WITHOUT destroying the American or global financial markets.

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