Published On: Mon, Jun 8th, 2015

Ear Candling Center

When ear wax builds up and causes problems, there are a few treatment options to get rid of the wax and clear the ears. In a doctor’s office, sterile water is flushed into the ear to rinse and push the wax into a small plastic dish. This involves flooding the ear with water, which may cause discomfort. Another method, used in alternative medicine, involves a process known as ear candling.

Ear Wax Build Up

When wax builds up inside the ear, it can cause a few problems. Wax build up can cause ringing in the ears and even a slight loss of hearing. Some practitioners use candles to draw the wax from the ear and eliminate the source of the problem. New Jersey Colonic is an ear candling center offering this treatment and other detoxification services.

Ear candling   photo supplied/ New Jersey Colonic

Ear candling photo supplied/ New Jersey Colonic

Advantages of Ear Candling

The wax in your ears plays a protective role for the inner ear. When the system is functioning properly, the wax doesn’t build up excessively and there is no problem. However, in some cases, the wax continues to build up. There are a few benefits to ear candling in NJ. The procedure is said to remove build-up of ear wax, along with other debris from the external ear canal.

The Procedure

The treatment uses special candles, called ear candles. These are made with a core of linen or cotton. Tis core material is molded into the shape of a cone and then saturated in wax. The cone shaped candle is inserted into a special plate that is used to collect wax and the smaller end of the candle cone is inserted into the ear canal. The candle is lit and tis creates a subtle vacuum effect that draws wax into the candle.

Some Potential Risks

There are some potential risks associated with this procedure. When people try it at home or use an inexperienced person, it is more likely for problems to occur. The risks associated with ear candling include burns to the skin or the ear from the wax, candle wax dripping into the ear, and the possibility of perforating the ear drum.

Only Trust an Expert

If you are considering ear candling in New Jersey, it is important that you carefully select a practitioner with extensive training and experience. In the hands of an amateur, this procedure can actually be quite dangerous. Don’t be afraid to ask about the level of training and amount of experience the person has before agreeing to let them perform this treatment on you.

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  1. Lexi says:

    Hi Zach,

    I would love to speak with you about what ear candles really do. They do not pull out Ear Wax as the retailer claims, and encouraging people to use them as such is very dangerous for the reputation of your blog. Ear Candles have been proven time and time again that they do not pull out ear wax. However, they do actually help with many other ailments such as ear infections and sinus pressure. I would love to speak with you more about this and possibly offer some corrections to this article.

    Thank you.

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