Published On: Sat, Feb 16th, 2019

E-cigarette companies are working hard to save millions of lives: Did you switch?

A new study done in the year 2017 argued that several millions of cigarette smokers could live extensively longer if electronic cigarettes could be accepted as a preferred replacement for tobacco during the upcoming decade. According to an optimistic projection started by Georgetown University in Washington DC, around 6.6 million cigarette smokers could live 87 million more years (combined) under the effective policies which would motivate them to switch from smoking to vaping. The researchers added that even in the worst-case scenario where they accepted that e-cigs caused harm to human health, they would still save lives.

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As per the ‘pessimistic’ projection, 1.8 million former smokers would gain 21 million more years (combined) if they ditched smoking tobacco cigarettes and took to vaping V2 Cigs. So, as we can see that the electronic cigarette companies are trying their best to save millions of lives by manufacturing the best vape devices, they’re also discouraging people from smoking.

Is tobacco usage dwindling in the US?

Statistics reveal that adopting e-cigarettes as a tried and tested alternative to tobacco smoking could lead to the easiest way of dwindling the usage of the same in the US, commented David Levy, an oncology professor at the Comprehensive Cancer Center. Levy also added that if the entire nation could adopt the e-cigarette strategy, this could help the nation march towards the ultimate goal of reducing the overall cigarette usage. It is unanimously accepted that cigarettes are extremely injurious for human health and switching to vaping could drastically improve the health of an entire population.

What makes e-cigarettes safe?

Well, people who use e-cigs like vape mods or vaporizers aren’t exposed to the toxic carcinogens that are released after the tobacco gets burnt though they endure the systemic and addictive impacts of nicotine, which is the main addictive substance. Nevertheless, the battery-powered devices which emit vapor are still not regulated under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Due to the lack of regulation, the advocates of tobacco control aren’t being able to embrace a pragmatic technique that is focused on the electronic devices.

For continuing this study, Levy, along with his colleagues designed the optimistic and pessimistic scenarios where the smokers started ditching their cigarettes and took to vaping. Later on, it was projected how many lives could have been saved and extended. Smoking cigarettes could decline to 5% of the American population if electronic cigarettes could become the more-preferred option. More and more new smokers would take up e-cigs instead of tobacco.

A pulmonologist, DePalo said that the entire idea of tobacco cigarettes being outlawed is all that he wants as it seemed to be appealing for the entire generation of smokers. On the other hand, if e-cigarettes would be regulated by the FDA, this would be a deal that they would love to make.

Author: Lee Sadawski

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