Published On: Fri, Aug 15th, 2014

Dwayne Johnson will be back for ‘GI Joe 3’ set for 2016

G.I. Joe 3 release date is set on 2016. While Paramount has yet to reveal the exact date for the third sequel it has been confirmed that Paramount and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is actively looking for a new director as the studio has found its writer already.

Dwayne Johnson in GI Joe: RetaliationJonathan Lemkin has been hired to draft the third installment to the franchise. Jon Chu, director on G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the second film in the series, has committed to Now You See Me 2 and will not be available for this film.

“We’re just starting [to talk to directors]. We’re negotiating with a writer right now, and once we close that deal-which should be any moment-then we’ll have a story locked down. I’m really excited about it,” Bonaventura told Collider.

“The last movie was really the set up, in a way, for Roadblock to take over. Dwayne came aboard a little late last time so we weren’t able to do everything I think we can do this time, and really get a story that services what the audience expects out of him, and also as an actor pushes him into areas that you wouldn’t normally explore in a big franchise movie perhapsm,” he says of keeping Dwayne Johnson as the central character.

The only other detail we have confirmed about the film is that it will feature many characters that have been much-demanded by the G.I. Joe fanbase, although Di Bonaventura is keeping those details quiet.

Screen Rant published a great list of characters fans would like to see in the third film. “Major Sebastian Blood joining Cobra highlights the list “Major Sebastian Bludd is an Australian mercenary who works with COBRA command frequently, but has no real loyalty to the terrorist organization…Bludd is sort of a wild hair and has been known to disobey Cobra Commander just because he felt like it. That kind of internal strife, matched with Bludd’s ruthlessness, could be an interesting side-story to watch.”

Sepentor, Pythona, B.A.T., Tomax and Xamot are also on the COBRA list while Dusty, Beach Head, Alpine, Gung-Ho and Sgt. Slaughter are favorites for the Joes.

“David L. Katzenbogen, a.k.a. Bazooka, may be a little “slow” in the way he talks (possible due to the gum he’s always chewing?) but he won’t hesitate to lay down his life to protect a fellow Joe. He is an expert with the recoil-less rifle but specializes with the Dragon Anti-Tank shoulder-mounted missile. WHY: Bazooka is a funny and goofy character, something the G.I. Joe films need to lighten the mood.”

Filming was thought to begin in January 2015, but a Spring start date is more likely.

G.I. Joe 3 will arrive in theaters during 2016.


Will Bruce Willis be back for "G.I. Joe 3"?

Will Bruce Willis be back for “G.I. Joe 3”?


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    […] Little is known for Joe 3, but Dwayne Johnson is back and the plan is a 2016 release. More HERE […]

  2. doctor doom says:

    Hayden Christensen would be great to play Dusty. Sebastian Stan could play blowtorch, cross country, airtight or different character. And Tobey Maguire could play beachhead or a different Joe character.

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