Published On: Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014

Durability Is a Key Component for Differentiation of GadgetMakers

photo Oregon Department of Transportation

photo Oregon Department of Transportation

A recap of CES 2013 included a number of exhibitors that wanted to demonstrate a variety of methods to protect your phone from the many potential ways that it could be damaged. One booth wanted to destroy your phone with a mallet, while other booths wished to use your phone as a cutting board. There were even booths that were using bowling balls for the sake of destruction, apparently underscoring the consumer need for increased protection of electronic devices from the many causes of damage, regardless of how unlikely it would be for the aforementioned causes to be encountered by the average consumer. While there were still many vendors that offered cases that would provide this protection, a great deal more were interested in protecting the devices by increasing their durability before you would ever be able to use it.

Electronic Components Protection Is a Major Concern for Manufacturers and Consumers

Through the use of nano-coating technology, gadgets can be protected from accidents and spills, a very common issue among owners of mobile phones and tablets. According to Felipe Pimineto of DryWired, “Handheld electronics have become such an integral part for everyone. Anything one can do to protect these devices, it’s worth looking into.” It is this widespread demand and integral nature that has led to the increased need for the types of protection those companies like DryWired, Liquipel, and P2i are now offering. Thehydrophobic and oleophobic, PFOS & PFOA-free fluoropolymer liquid chemical solution, Drywired 101X,can help protect a number of devices from water damage, including:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Other gadgets
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Hard Disk Drive Components
  • PC Boards

 Increase in Handheld Devices Yields Increase in Demand for More Durable Products

The increased usage of these products – nearly half of American adults own a Smartphone, according to a survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project – results in an increased demand for protection from damage. These vendors are responding to this demand by offering a number of different options that can aid consumers in protecting their investment from potential damage. In addition to the increased demand, consumers are also being given access to devices that are far more sophisticated, thinner, and lighter, qualities that are beneficial except for the fact that they make the devices more prone to damage.

Resistance to Scratches and Water Damage Central Aspects of Protection

Many of these manufacturers are finding that they must find ways to separate their products from the competition. While there are many ways to improve the processor and other components of a mobile device, these improvements do not really interest the average consumer. Similarly, improvements to the built-in cameras in these devices are generally too minimal to really attract the interest of the average consumer. In terms of differentiation, many companies are finding that offering a product that is significantly more durable from the competition is the best method. This is why CES was overflowing with vendors looking to show just how much damage their product could withstand, which will ultimately benefit the consumers looking to protect their electronic devices. This is especially important given the rising costs of these devices and the frequency with which they are not only being used, but also the frequency with which they are being completely relied upon for many necessary life functions.

By: Jimmy Simond

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