Published On: Sun, Dec 9th, 2018

Dumpster rental tips to help select the right dumpsters and service provider

To make it easy for people confronted with problems in junk removal from residential and commercial premises, Bin There Dump That Dumpsters in Houston provides the best in class dumpster rental services. The company supports its customers for all kinds of needs in junk management and removal. Regardless of the quantity, volume, and type of junk or rubbish, you can rent a dumpster and keep the premises clean.  If you think that dumpsters are too big for your need, then you are highly mistaken because it seems that you only have the large commercial dumpsters in mind. There are assorted sizes of smaller dumpsters available that can meet any residential and commercial requirements.  

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Moving away from the large industrial type dumpsters, the rental companies are now offering smaller ones like 4-yard dumpsters that perfectly suit residential requirements. When you are undertaking home remodeling project or residential construction, you must think about renting dumpsters that have for long been associated with debris removal at construction sites. The smaller dumpers are versatile and ideal for use in smaller areas where industrial dumpsters are ineffective because of its vast size.  Smaller dumpsters can access all sizes of premises with equal ease, and it is economical to rent these.

You can find dumpster rental companies online that makes it more convenient to avail the services by comparing rates. However, if you are renting dumpsters for the first time, you should prepare by knowing the right method of selecting a dumpster rental company. You should know what parameters should guide the selection and even ask some questions to them to gain more clarity about choosing the appropriate service that fits your budget without compromising on quality. From the type of dumpster rental services available, the size of dumpsters to the space requirements, you can probe into many things that help to take a well-informed decision.

Types of dumpster services

Dumpster rental services are available in two categories – permanent and temporary. If you do not generate too much trash at home daily and already have a system in place to dispose of whatever little you accumulate, then you might think about renting dumpsters as when needed, meaning that you are looking for some temporary dumpster rental service. For example, if you are undertaking a home renovation program, you must dispose of debris and junk arising from the construction work for which you need to hire a dumpster. Some business organization and housing communities that generate a large quantity of trash daily would do good to opt for permanent renting of dumpsters to keep up with the regular schedule of trash removal which can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The timing of trash removal depends on the extent of daily trash generation.  

Choose the right size of dumpster

Whether your requirement is permanent or temporary, you must choose the right size of dumpster to ensure that you can optimize the waste removal process and contain costs. The quantity, especially the weight of junk or debris is the prime consideration to determine the size of dumpster that is right for you. Besides quantity, the type of debris also influences the size of dumpster. The requirement of dumpsters for concrete disposal will be different from that of disposing of home clean outs. Suppose the weight of the debris is light, but the shape and size are so big that you would require a large dumpster to handle it.

For daily removal of waste from residential homes, dumpsters of sizes 1 cubic yard, 4 cubic yard, 6 cubic yard, and 8 cubic yard dumpster are most suitable. However, if you need once a time large roll-off container, then you must consider the options of using 10, 20 30 and 40 cu-yard dumpsters.

Projects and dumpster sizes

Dumpsters starting from 10 cubic yard capacity are the ones that suit temporary needs of junk removal. Considering that you are renting dumpsters for the first time, the below information should be useful to work would what would suit you best.

10-yard dumpsters are mostly used for estate cleanouts, 15-yard dumpsters are ideal for de-cluttering homes and offices, 20 and 30-yard dumpsters are suitable for a home to remodel and renovation projects and for removing debris resulting from landscaping activities, 40-yard dumpsters are what you need.

The above examples are only indicative, and you can make changes according to your needs.

The range of smaller dumpsters under 10-yard (1,4,6 and 8-yard) are suited for permanent use in restaurants, apartment complexes, retail stores and schools, and universities in that order.

Look for a trustworthy company

Now, the question you face is how to know which dumpster rental company would be right for you. The first sign of reliability of any service provider is its responsiveness. How soon the company answers your call indicate how much you can rely on them. The answers they provide must be comprehensive enough that satisfies you to the fullest so that you cannot ask for anything more.

Companies that are transparent in dealing with customers are undoubtedly more reliable because they would present the pricing details upfront with no hidden costs. In addition, they will explain all terms of the rental services so that you do not feel like they are letting you down later by telling something that they did not discuss with you earlier.

Make room for dumpsters

When selecting dumpsters, keep in mind that space where you place the dumpster and its adjoining area should be large enough to provide easy access to the handling equipment and transport. For smaller dumpsters a space of 6ft x 6ft is the minimum requirement for comfortable roll off but for larger sizes the handling area should be at least 20 ft long x 10 ft wide. There should be 50 ft clear space around dumpsters to facilitate movement of trucks and the vertical space in that area should remain completely clear from any obstruction up to a height of 14 ft.

Some kinds of materials like food waste, medical waste, flammable materials, and toxic or hazardous materials are not suited for sending to dumpsters.

Author: Charlie Brown

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