Published On: Wed, Jul 19th, 2023

DUI Arrest: Strategic Ways to Handle the Arrest and Prevention Techniques

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a more severe offense than speeding. State legislations vastly differ for drivers convicted of a DUI; some states are harsher than others. For instance, in Texas and Florida, anyone convicted of a DUI should prepare for severe consequences. 

Knowing how to deal with a DUI arrest is essential because it can leave a dent in your career. If you find yourself in this fix, you should work with experts who can make the authorities drop the charges against you and blot out all records. Some states will keep your DUI conviction on your driving record for 75 years. 

Here are a few brief tips on both preventing a DUI and handling a DUI arrest:

Designated Driver or Rideshare Applications

You can make ridesharing apps your companion to avoid impaired driving issues. Almost every area has Lyft and Uber drivers, in addition to taxi services. 

Another great alternative is to have a designated driver you trust to always refrain from drinking – or, at the very least, drink within the specified limit – to take you home after a night out.

Take advantage of technological advancements to keep yourself away from trouble. Instead of driving under the influence of alcohol, book an Uber to drive you home. 

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Consult with an Expert Lawyer Immediately

It is essential to get an attorney immediately after running into a DUI case because of the swiftness of such matters. First, you need to appeal the suspension of your driver’s license. If the arresting officer is absent, you can often get your license back. If the officer is present for the hearing, a skilled DUI lawyer can still help you negotiate to get a license that permits you to drive to and back from work. 

In some cases, it is best to accept a plea deal. Some states incarcerate convicted DUI offenders, which is why you should avoid your case sliding into a trial. 

Sometimes, diversion programs are available to first-time offenders. However, the programs expect you to take specific steps for the prosecutor to drop charges against you. The measures may include reporting to community supervision personnel or counseling on toxic substances. 

A DUI arrest can affect child custody because the authorities do not want you to risk the children’s safety. Therefore, you should hire a proven lawyer to help drop the case. 

Declining the Breath Test

Though you can confidently submit yourself to a breathalyzer if you have not taken any toxic substances, it can become a nightmare if you are “already recharged.” The breathalyzer gives prosecutors uncontroversial evidence. 

The authorities may suspend your driving license if you refuse to take the test. Many who undergo the test often receive a work-alone permit to allow them to survive. 

Do not let an officer bully you into testing. The physical examinations are optional, and anyone with athletic prowess can easily pass them. 

You Cannot Talk Your Way Out of the Arrest

Many people myopically assume they can talk or argue their way out of an arrest. You make yourself vulnerable to prosecution and conviction when you make careless statements that an officer will extract and use against you. 

Even if you were just angry, the jury would assume you were drunk. Be respectful and silent. An officer can sometimes use a deceitful utterance to extract information from you. Do not fall for this because an officer is not a prosecutor and only has the power to arrest and prepare a report.

“If you are in a DUI matter, you can take a plea bargain or allow it to proceed to trial. The case can take several months. During the trial, avoid any other trouble, because another arrest can aggravate your issue,” says defense attorney Mark Sherman. 

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