Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2013

Dr Nancy Snyderman shares her daughter’s adoption story, Kate Snyderman thanks birth mother

With Arkansas Matters Dr Nancy Snyderman shares the inspiring and heartfelt story of adopting her daughter Kate within the framework of her blustering career.

“I had no desire to be a mother. I had no interest in parenting. I was a young, 34-year-old cancer surgeon and my career was on fire. My introduction to motherhood wasn’t years or months of waiting. I had no maternal longings,” Dr Snyderman explained.

Kate Snyderman Dr Nancy Snyderman adoption story photos meeting birth momOf course, a phone call changed everything.

A friend and colleague called the woman, knowing she didn’t have children, and questioned whether she would be interested in adopting this baby girl because the planned adoptive parents backed out at the last moment.

“It was a lightning bolt, to say the least, and I asked for some time to think it through. I figured I had time—maybe two weeks?— to sort things out. But I didn’t have time. Turns out, my daughter was delivered 48 hours later and a quick call from the hospital about my decision prompted an impulsive and immediate “yes.”

Kate Snyderman came into the world and her mother’s description of her new baby will bring tears to every mother who reads these words.

“When I went to the nursery, I saw Kate immediately. I just knew which baby she was and I was right. She was perfect. I must have counted her fingers and toes a thousand times. She had the darkest eyes, a shock of black hair, and all the right holes in all the right places.”

Dr Snyderman recounts their journey together, Kate discovering she was adopted and supporting her ambition to meet her birth mother.

“Cheryl, two siblings, a niece and nephew. We wondered how to proceed, and initially, the communication was cautious,” she explained before the meeting was set.

“I stepped aside and left that to Kate and Cheryl. After all, this was Kate’s journey and I didn’t want to influence her in any way. It turned out they were all in.”

If the tears were dry now, Kate words conveyed the power and love of their story.

“I could hear Kate say, ‘I want to thank you for what you did. And I want you to know I’ve had a really good life.’ And then she asked her: ‘Would you like to meet my mom?’”

Read the entire story and Kate’s “Story” she wrote from her perspective HERE


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