Published On: Wed, Aug 18th, 2021

Dr Michael Everest on His Passion for Medical Research and How The Everest Foundation is Helping

Dr. Michael Everest saw the doctor shortage around him and created The Everest Foundation to help fund medical research. It provides opportunities for Fellowships and Scholarships for post-graduate students and raises millions of dollars to support communities in need.

What is Medical Research?

Medical Research is an extensive term that can refer to basic research done about medical practices. It usually refers to the research involved in medicine in preparation for clinical trials. 

Most medical research goes through universities or research centers funded by the government or some privately-owned companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Limitations to universities and specific research centers help uphold regulations, and only properly trained individuals can work on these projects. Still, it also limits who can apply to do research. 

Medical research can also be limited to certain countries whose government has the resources to adequately fund a research institute or university, which can leave some medical students without research avenues. 


Why is it important?

The increase in human longevity is primarily thanks to medical research. Any form of medication, vaccine, antibiotics, and treatment for diseases such as cancer comes from work in medical research. Without it, dealing with something as commonplace as diabetes would be a struggle, as it was for many years before medical studies found insulin. 

Who is Dr. Michael Everest?

Dr. Michael Everest was born in Houston, Texas, and became a dual doctorate holder by attending Sutton Valence School in southeast England and St. Mary’s Medical School. He dedicates his time to educating the next generation of medical students.

Not only dedicated to helping others in the medical profession, but Dr. Michael Everest also worked in David Bruce Military Hospital in Malta to fulfill his National Service duties.

He has a Graduate Medical Education (GME) consultancy organization that works with healthcare systems worldwide. 

He began helping medical students who struggled to advance their careers when he noticed the severe doctor shortage in America and even abroad—bringing doctors to community hospitals where they are needed and gaining experience that will fuel research in the future. 

Dr. Michael Everest treats his non-profit, The Everest Foundation, with core Christian values like he does his four children. 

What is The Everest Foundation? 

The Everest Foundation is a non-profit that strives to support medical research and education both in higher education and at a community level, helping individuals with unique needs to succeed in their endeavors. 

It uses residency programs that connect medical professionals with schools and community hospitals that share their passions and allow them to have a more significant influence on innovations in their field. This support enables them more substantial research opportunities and gaining Fellowships, opening more possibilities for their future. 

The Everest Foundation also provides funding that goes into medical research and supports the needs of communities, trainees, and scientists.

Why Graduate Medical Education?

As Dr. Michael Everest saw, there is a doctor shortage in America and many places worldwide. One of the critical reasons for this is postgraduate applicants not having research experience on their CVs. Only about three in ten medical students have experience in medical research, limiting the number of students who can do impactful work and study. 

Having more trained and experienced doctors means that the poverty-stricken parts of the world will get the help they need and have access to professionals who can help train new doctors in their community. Dr. Michael Everest believes more funding should go to medical systems if research advances, and he started The Everest Foundation to help with that.

The Everest Foundation Scholarship

The best candidates for the Everest Foundation Scholarship program get picked to shape the future of medicine. These individuals are progressive in their ideas about treatment and innovative in their research. 

The Everest Foundation has a sister organization called Residents Medical that helps students match with residency programs. These candidates are not limited to America and come from many different countries to serve as many rural and vulnerable communities as possible. 

Final Thoughts

The importance of medical research is undeniable if you consider how much of modern life in the first world relies on it. Dr. Michael Everest has a vision for furthering the funding of the first world medical system and those worldwide, which arguably need more funding.

Dr. Michael Everest created the Everest Foundation to fund medical research and provide opportunities for doctors to participate in the study and find placements and fellowships that can help advance the medical field internationally. 

 Author: Jeremy Biberdorf

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