Published On: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020

Dr. John Denboer: What Personality Traits You’ll Need to Get Through Med School

There is no secret just how difficult it can be to become a doctor and this is much of the reason why these men and women command our respect, because of what they have to do just to get to the position that they are in. Thankfully, even though this is an arduous journey, there are still a great number of young students who are prepared to opt for this career, and who are willing to put themselves through a tough medical school education in order to get there. So what skills and personality traits are you going to need if you want to make it through med school? To find out more we spoke to the brilliant Dr. John Denboer

A researcher examines samples in the Digestive Health Research Institute at CWRU School of Medicine
Image/CWRU School of Medicine

Thick Skin 

The first thing that Dr. John mentioned to us was the need to have thick skin when you go to med school, because you will be facing plenty of failures, setbacks and criticisms along the way. This stands to reason of course, the importance of what is being taught to these young students is literally a matter of life and death and that is why medical schools have to ensure that what they are teaching has been properly learned. This is why med school is so tough on you and why thick skin is required. 

Investment of Time

The amount of time which is required from a student in terms of their studying is intense, and this is an important change which students must be able to make. The amount of time that they have to invest in their studies is matched only by the amount of time that a doctor will have to work during their shifts, and that is what they are trying to prepare students for. These early years will be tough, but this is what a student’s life is going to look like for the foreseeable future, so they had better get ready. 


Becoming a doctor is a long road and for some it can take almost 10 years before they are able to work with patients on their own. Med school can also vary in length depending on how well you do, which is why it is absolutely essential for students that they are patient and that they understand the process. Nothing is going to happen overnight, and that is why med students should remain patient. 

Hard Working 

It is not just the investment of time that students will need but also a solid work ethic when it comes tolerating new things. Everyone knows that becoming a doctor is not easy, but some seriously underestimate juts how difficult it is and juts how much work has to be put into this in order to succeed. 

Of course all of these skills must underlined with raw passion for medicine and a genuine desire to help society in caring for the community, without that, these skills will be nowhere to be seen.

Author: James Daniel


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