Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2020

Dr. Balpal Sandhu: Tips on Making Sure That You Lose Weight This January

This time last year I was just about to embark upon a weight loss journey which I had been putting off for some time. Having tried and failed many times before, I went too see the brilliant Dr. Balpal Sandhu, a family friend and our long standing doctor, to get some tips on how I could successfully lose weight this time around. Balpal was an amazing help and offered me information, guidance and ongoing support. Thanks to Balpal, this time I was successful and to be honest, I am feeling a little smug this January, as I am not one of those running to the gym to shift the pounds. If you are however, here are some tips to make it a success. 

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Diet Plan First 

No matter how much exercise you do, it is impossible to work out of a bad diet, so this is the first place that you should start. If you have absolutely no idea what kind of things that you should be eating then speak with your doctor or nutritionist, or research online for some fat burning meal choices. Plan your food out a week in advance, and then go to the store and buy the ingredients. In doing this you can save money and make sure that you avoid temptation of cheating. 

Baby Steps

A mistake which I have made in the past was to go to the gym and work out like crazy on day one, only to find that I couldn’t move for the next 3 days. This of course makes little sense, and the key is building yourself up. Start off with just 30 minutes in the gym per day, do something that gets the heart rate up and gets you sweating. Gradually begin to change your routine and the amount of time you spend in the gym. Ignore those telling you to bust blood, sweat and tears, these are people who have never been overweight in their lives! 

Buddy Up 

I think one of the best pieces of advice that I got from Balpal was to find someone to lose weight with, as this really helped to drive me on. My work colleague was telling me about how she wanted to trim the pounds and although I didn’t know her terribly well, I asked if she wanted to do it together. In the weeks and months that followed we would send each other photos of our food, we’d work out together, share articles for meal ideas and basically take accountability for each other’s weight loss. This kept me driven and it also made sure that I didn’t cheat, because I felt that if I did I’d be cheating her as well as myself. 

Remember that this is a lifestyle choice that you are making, and as such you should take your time with your weight loss and avoid going for those crazy diets which help you to lose big in little time. 

Author: James Daniel

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