Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Don’t know what antivirus to get? Here’s what it needs to have

All antivirus programs set out to protect you from harm, but not all of them are good at it. The main difference between a bad antivirus program and a good one is the amount of features it has. You don’t need your antivirus to be swimming in all kinds of exotic features, but it can’t be a ghost town either. There are some features that are more important than the rest, and that means that you should specifically make sure that they’re part of the antivirus software kit you end up getting for your devices. That being said, let’s jump right in and see what kind of antivirus features we’re looking for.

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Automatic scanning

The feature that allows an antivirus program to automatically scan everything that appears on the device is one of the features that should never go missing. It’s very good and it lets you be certain of the fact that you’re not installing something bad for your system. If you were, you would be alerted immediately as this feature automatically scans everything you install after you’ve installed it.

Second opinion scanners

This isn’t exactly an antivirus software feature but it’s something that needs to be part of your protection. Antivirus can sometimes require the help of a second opinion scanner in order to be able to provide the most accurate interpretation for what it’s reading and also to come up with the best solution on how to fix things. It’s relatively inexpensive and it helps a bunch to have something like Hitman Pro on the ready when you think something has infected your system.

Online bodyguard

It’s not enough for protection software to guard you while you are offline. The best antivirus solutions out there will protect you when you are online as well. In fact, you can count on some antivirus solutions to scan links prior to you clicking them. This way, you will know exactly what’s safe to access before you do and it will help you avoid shady websites that can be a potential danger for your system.


The most important antivirus companies have established a presence on both major platforms. This means that they often times offer deals that let you get protection for one platform as well as a gift subscription for the other. Having the same antivirus of the same standards on both your computer and your smartphone for instance will provide better protection for your ecosystem and will ensure that you aren’t in danger if you decide to switch between platforms.

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