Published On: Sat, Feb 3rd, 2018

Donny Deutsch leads MSNBC panel fearmongering: Trump is a dictator, calls for revolt in the street

During MSNBC’s panel on “Deadline: White House” with host Nicolle Wallace, the discussion of the release of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ turned hyperbolic, packed full of fearmongering: “Our democracy is under siege. People need to start taking to the streets. This is a dictator.”

Donny Deutsch took the scare tactics from the to new levels, proving the remarks from Franklin Graham on the media are true: they want a revolt.

“I don’t want to talk about the memo. We’ve got a dozen instances of clearly the Russians colluding in this election with top Trump officials. Two have already been convicted. We have a guy, a president who clearly is owned by Putin,” Deutsch said.

Donny Deutsch

“We basically now have a press release that’s been put out, that’s been twisted and mangled that now will give this president permission to fire Rosenstein who will now take over this investigation,” Deutsch said. “Our democracy is under siege. People need to start taking to the streets. This is a dictator. This is not something to analyze anymore.”

“This is frightening stuff. If you are an American, if you’re somebody who is 80 years old and sitting at home and you’ve watched the greatness of this country, you should be terrified, and if you’re a 12-year-old and the future is in front of you, this is terrifying,” Deutsch continued. “This is not time to analyze and pundit. People, we need a revolution at this point.”

Check out the clip below.

Wallace then went on to say she knows a “former top intelligence official” who is “just as mad” as Deutsch. She also said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and his GOP colleagues are too “far gone” to do anything about it.

Jennifer Palmieri, former communications director for the Obama White House and the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, agreed with Deutsch and said Republicans are “in cahoots” with Trump.

“They are now in cahoots with them,” she said. “Donny is right, it’s extraordinarily dangerous what they are on pace to do.”

Palmieri was exposed in the email hacks to be rising in Hillary’s planned cabinet.

Deutsch then said Russia is “our No. 1 geopolitical enemy.” A similar remark by Mitt Romney during the 2012 election debate with President Obama was mocked and ridiculed.

Deutsch finished with a plea for people to resist Trump if he fires Rosenstein.

“I want to know what the people of this country are going to do if Rod Rosenstein is fired,” Deutsch said. “We can’t take this sitting down. Trump is winning. He’s winning, kids. This crazy, wacky guy is winning, and a year into this he has already, not chipped, has cut away at the things that protect us. Half of this country thinks the media totally lies. At this point, 44 percent of this country doesn’t trust the FBI.”

Deutsch finished by saying that in a year Trump may be willing to exercise his power to hurt those on MSNBC who criticize him.

“Guess what? A year from now this doesn’t change, maybe this table is in trouble we keep talking like this,” he said. “I’m not being dramatic. This is what’s happening, kids. I mean, and this guy is winning. This wacky, orange, poofy-haired guy is winning this game and we cannot depend on the Congress anymore. And if Rosenstein is fired, there needs to be people in the streets because it’s getting in scary territory, kids.”

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